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We have 24 imprints grouped into 10 clusters - Mind Body Spirit, Non-Fiction, Transformation, Christianity, History, Books for Writers, Fiction, Children & Young Adult, Paganism, Culture & Politics.

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Publicity Update from John Hunt Publishing

Our publicists and authors work very hard on promoting their excellent work. Here's some of the highlights from the last month.

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Galileo Commission Report: Beyond a Materialist Worldview – Towards an Expanded Science

The Galileo Commission is represented by a distinguished group of over 90 scientific advisers affiliated to 30 universities worldwide. Many of these advisers were active contributors during our consultation process leading up the publication of the Galileo Commission Report, written by Professor Harald Walach.

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Ghosts Galore in the New Paranormal Chronicles Magazine and Podcast

Another brilliant Paranormal Chronicles Magazine including the Lady In Black visitation, UFO sightings and effects and more.... oh and its absolutely free.

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Judy Hall - How To Use Crystals To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

In this excellent free resource Judy Hall shows us how to use crystals to protect us from electro-magnetic fields -which are everywhere and only becoming greater.

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