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Here we share news and updates about our Young Adult books.


The Dani Moore Trilogy

For teenage readers - three books exploring rebuilding your life after abuse. Dani Moore is a fictional character who is honest about how tough her life is, about the bad days and about the impact of her experience.

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How Parents and Childhood Shape Authors

On Father's Day, Steve Conoboy talks to us about his childhood and how the magic of a library card and some office stationery shaped his path to becoming an author.

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8 Mental Health Benefits of Dogs

We all know that dogs are furry bundles of fun but did you know just how vital they are in maintaining a healthy mental state? YA author, Marie Yates, talks to us about the inspiration behind her successful Dani Moore trilogy...

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Will the Real Shakespeare Please Stand Up

Author James Hartley Books​ breaks down the snobbery surrounding this great historical figure to reveal that William, a young boy from Stratford-Upon-Avon, was much more a man of the people than his portrayal today might suggest.

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EBook Promotions for Read an eBook Week

Despite the predictions that eBooks were going to kill physical books, thanks to bookie people on the likes of Instagram and YouTube, recent reports state that physical book sales are rising once again. However, eBooks are here to stay, and Lodestone author Steve Conoboy tells us why he's glad.

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The Provider Competition Winners Are...

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Does Youth Have A Number?

Whether it's nostalgia for their youth or trying to make sense of that rich period of their lives, 55% of YA readers are actually adults.

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WIN a Copy of The Provider

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Summer Reading for Tweens

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Next Stop, The Twilight Zone!

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Are You a Believer?

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World Stationery Day

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