• Tragic Daughters of Charles I, The
    Sarah-Beth Watkins
    This was an interesting book that focused on the much ignored Stuart sisters. I enjoyed how this was spilt up in the different decades and it had a perspective switch when talking about each sister. Watkin's writing was clear and was written in a way that was not dry. This really helped move the story of the women along. I have previously read about Charles I and II but I knew nothing of their daughters and sisters. This made me want to look further into their lives as this was really interesting.
    ~ Bethany Younge, NetGalley

  • Tragic Daughters of Charles I, The
    Sarah-Beth Watkins
    The book is a mine of information and was entertaining and kept me reading until the end. Women back then were often little more than political pawns but it was refreshing to see that at least one of Charles I's daughters played an important yet forgotten role in history. I highly recommend this book. ~ Janis Lauzon, NetGalley

  • Bringing God Back to Earth
    John Hunt
    Knowledgeable in theology, philosophy, science and history. Time and again it is remarkable how he brings the important issues into relation with one another... thought provoking in almost every sentence, difficult to put down. ~ Faith and Freedom

  • Reflections on a Surprising Universe
    This book is like a 2019 version of "Powers of Ten" that takes you 13 billion light years away, then brings you back to the DNA in your hand and leaves you in awe of the beauty and complexity of our universe. Dieter accompanies you on this trip with clear, concise explanations of extraordinary discoveries. ~ Paul Lyons, CEO, Zapotec Energy, Inc., Cambridge, MA

  • Raising Faith
    Claire Waters
    This is the remarkable story of a child psychic-medium, whose talent was discovered when she was 4... with direct questions and answers from Faith and some sound spiritual advice arising from the author's journey and spiritual awakening. The book is of general interest, but more especially for parents of children with similar gifts. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • I'll Meet You at The Lost and Found
    Sam Glory
    This book is a series of short reflections with practical injunctions using developments in the life of Max Hannigan to illustrate the life lessons and moving from an outer-directed to an inner-directed focus. ...Max's transformation in the course of the book is as wide-ranging as it is instructive. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • Other Side of the Valley, The
    Linda Edwards, Dr
    It is quite a rollercoaster, taking in NLP, hypnosis, fire walking, plant medicine and shamanic practices using ASCs, with many subsections in the two main parts. She also has direct contact with traditional shamans, who have an important message for rampant Western consumerism and its impact on the environment.The author's journey also reflects one from rationality and the need for proof towards intuition and experience, even if these are not classically provable.In personal terms, experience trumps experiment any day. She concludes with some general observations on feeling and the importance of using the full spectrum of consciousness in the healing process. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • Clock versus Compass
    Reena Raj
    This topical book of practical wisdom is a distillation of the author's thinking about life as a coach and practitioner of positive psychology....I found a lifetime of good advice packed into the book, which I would recommend for regular review, even opening the book at random - I will be putting my copy in our guest bedroom. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • Coherent Self, Coherent World
    Diana Durham
    This wide ranging book is an important contribution to reorienting our culture towards the neglected inner dimension that gives rise to coherence and meaning and which constitutes our deeper being....It is a bold and inspiring vision. ~ David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

  • Fucking Law
    Victoria Brooks
    Fucking Ethics and Fucking Judgments. First, I will tell you that if the word “fucking” disturbs you, this book isn’t for you (but you may have suspected that from the title). If the various “raunchy” and “vulgar” words for human genitalia disturb you, this book isn’t for you.

    But if you’re still reading this review, then I assume you’re at least ok with these words. In which case, allow me to tell you how sublime and thought provoking this book is. Part memoir and part academic philosophical treatise, this book truly takes a hard and intriguing look at the philosophical ethics of human sexuality.

    This isn’t a light read. It isn’t a beach read (unless maybe you’re at a nudist/ swinger beach?). It is likely a read that will make you horny without actually being erotica. It is a read that will make you think. And maybe, just maybe, it is a read that will open you to the author’s own brand of sexual ethics, even though it is one she does not explicitly recommend – quite the opposite – herself. ~ Jeff Sexton,

  • War for Islam, The
    Stafford Betty
    It is refreshing to see two strong Muslim women centre stage as we follow their lives dedicated to achieving a peaceful outcome. Some interesting thought-provoking points are made regarding the similarities between religions, but Betty shows that it is violence in the name of religion, not religious violence which is the evil force. ~ Jill Burrows, NetGalley

  • Afterlife of King James IV, The
    Keith John Coleman
    .......... I’m pleased I’ve read it and added to my knowledge of the life – and particularly the death – of James IV. ~ Helen Skinner, NetGalley

  • Alchemy of Night, The
    Judy Hall
    This book was an enjoyable story travelling across time from ancient Egypt to present day and the story of love and obsession. I loved it because it was not your run of the mill erotic novel and fitted perfectly with the erotic text it sat along side the story of an ancient manuscript. ~ Lindsay Adams-Riley, NetGalley

  • Crystal Prescriptions volume 7
    Judy Hall
    Judy Hall is back with another Crystal Prescriptions volume this time delving into the world of crystal essences. Similar to flower essences, crystal essences capture the vibrational frequency of a crystal through various means, imprinting spring water with their codes. When ingested, crystal essences work on a persons astral and physical health to bring about healing of various issues, be it illness, chakra imbalances, emotional/mental rebalancing, stress release, or space clearing. All vibrational remedies assist the body in coming back to equilibrium which is what is commonly referred to as self-healing.....There isn’t anything that was left uncovered in yet another handy dandy crystal textbook by the crystal expert herself, Judy Hall. No matter where you are on your crystal journey, this volume will serve as an invaluable resource, providing you with information that cannot be found in other books. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t interested in making crystal essences or if you are an experienced crystal healer, there will be new information that will be revealed in this concise easy to follow guide. ~ Tanja Flanjak , NetGalley

  • Fucking Law
    Victoria Brooks
    Fucking Law is an urgent call for everyone, not just academics and researchers, to find inventive ways to question the ethics of sexuality. Since a sex life is full of so many diverse moments of joy and suffering, for each and everybody, the book attempts to bridge a gap between philosophical and non-philosophical questioning. Central to the book is the reality that everyone can challenge the ethics and laws of sexuality and ask questions, even where they seem frightening, or worse, even when we are told not to – by institutions and lovers alike. Non-philosophical and accessible, Fucking Law is risky, explicit and provocative as it bridges the gap between academic and every-day questioning of sexual encounters. ~ Janet Pole Cousineau, NetGalley

  • Nila's Babies
    Jac Simensen
    .......and has an interesting storyline... I would try this author again. ~ Heather Bennett , NetGalley

  • By the Feet of Men
    Grant Price
    This book was hard to put down, despite pressing calls on my time. Those familiar with my reviews will know what matters most to me as a reader of fiction is empathy with at least one character. Here, following a group of eight distinct individuals, all with history, biases, and flaws, I found I could identify with all on some level. The story is driven (pun intended) by the characters’ individual responses to the need of their mission: basically, an attempt to cross hostile lands and deliver vital medicine to an isolated group of disease-threatened scientists who just may have the means to put the world back on course for humanity. The author delves deep into his imagination, clearly fed by extensive research, to portray the sort of society that could result from our current climate emergency. This world is intolerable, with a climate that has made water a vital resource, with all the expected gang violence such need always brings. Food is scarce, poor, and monotonous. Well-paced, strong, balanced and utterly credible, this narrative held my attention all the way through. The denouement is moving, tense, unexpected and inevitable. Those readers who harbour doubts about our potential future will learn of potential futures here, and hopefully come on board. Those already sensible enough to understand the ramifications of our excess and irresponsibility will find a novel that entertains, educates, and satisfies. A really good read that everyone should experience. ~ Stuart Aken,

  • Pagan Portals - Gods and Goddesses of Wales
    Halo Quin
    Shamefully, although I'm Irish and enjoy folklore, I know very little about Welsh myths. This volume has started to repair that. It's designed mostly for neo-Pagans who might want to connect with these gods and goddesses on a deeper level, with brief stories followed by the best way to appeal to the main characters. It's a very interesting read and I'll come back to it in future. ~ Barker & Jones Books, NetGalley

  • Premonitions
    Daniela I. Norris
    I liked this short book: it's engaging and entertaining. I look forward to reading the other installment in this series. Recommended!
    ~ Anna Maria Giacomasso , NetGalley

  • Some Books Aren’t For Reading
    Howard Marc Chesley
    If you love books like I do, you will love this novel. The character development is awesome, the story is brilliant, and I loved every word of it! Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ~ Beth Smith, NetGalley

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