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  • Emotional Repatterning

    Emotional Repatterning: Healing Emotional Pain by Rewiring the Brain provides insights, stories and examples from Lisa Samet's life and the lives of her patients, as well as practical tools to uncover the subconscious beliefs that are holding us back. It deepens the reader's understanding of their own mind - the patterns of thinking and deep-seated beliefs that keep them feeling stuck and unhappy - and teaches skills to change both their thinking at the conscious level and their beliefs at the subconscious level. ~ In The Light-Growing Your Soul With Ana Isabel, Review

  • Power of Past Life Regression, The

    Steve Burgess
    This book bears testament to the power of hypnosis as a healing tool. It also explores how past life trauma can be carried into present lives. What makes this book so compelling is that it holds within it, the stories of many regressions and the way in which they help heal past life trauma and consequently, help resolve a variety of past life issues. From physical pain to emotional blocks, reliving the stories of the past help people move forward toward the future. As a bonus, we are taken into the past and can learn a great deal about history. Once you start, you find it hard to put this book down.

    If you’d like to watch Steve Burgess in interview about this book: ~ In The Light-Growing Your Soul With Ana Isabel, Review

  • Earth Spirit: Confronting the Crisis

    "Profoundly insightful, and essential in its message and many crucial questions, Confronting the Crisis is a work of transformative art. I took reading it to heart, as taking responsibility for our actions and making amends with the land, the Earth as a Sacred Being, is at the center of my own practice and teachings. I wholeheartedly agree that our connection to Gaia must be fundamentally understood, nurtured, and acted upon. Thank you for this beautiful work. A meditation in itself."

    Mahayana I. Dugast Ph.D. ~ Dr. Mahayana Dugast, Mahayana I. Dugast, author

  • Earth Spirit: Confronting the Crisis

    Profoundly insightful, and essential in its message and many crucial questions, Confronting the Crisis is a work of transformative art. I took reading it to heart, as taking responsibility for our actions and making amends with the land, the Earth as a Sacred Being, is at the center of my own practice and teachings. I wholeheartedly agree that our connection to Gaia must be fundamentally understood, nurtured, and acted upon. Thank you for this beautiful work. A meditation in itself.

    ~ Mahayana I. Dugast Ph.D.

  • Hermine: an Empress in Exile

    Moniek Bloks
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. Loved! Great historical bio. Very interesting read and the author did a great job in the research. ~ Heather Michael (Reviewer) , NetGalley

  • Church Going Gone

    Brian Mountford
    This is enjoyable, encouraging and insightful read.

    FULL REVIEW in Progressive Voices - Issue 39 - December 2021 ~ Progressive Voices, Review

  • Death, Where Is Your Sting?

    Robert Reiss
    Key questions include what is meant by eternity, whether we need to think of body and soul as separate, whether we can we speak of eternal life for us as individuals and indeed what can we believe about God in the light of ever-increasing scientific discoveries. He bravely concludes with a statement of where his own beliefs rest after his journey of exploration. His conclusions on the issue of the ‘afterlife’ I find challenging. His personal journey to get to this point provides an invaluable summary of theological thinking on this issue and is fascinating and thought-provoking.

    FULL REVIEW in Progressive Voices - Issue 39 - December 2021 ~ Progressive Voices , Review

  • Way of Reiki, The - The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui

    Frans Stiene
    This book is a masterpiece. Frans Stiene has brilliantly synthesized with clarity and simplicity the essence of the system of Reiki as a path of self-cultivation (shugyo) toward self-realization. The content conveys a depth of understanding of Reiki in the context of Japanese culture, arts, philosophy and religions as a whole in a style that is engaging and illuminating. This is the kind of book one can read many times and still find deep insights into the nature of life, the universe, and being human.
    ~ Veronique Frede, Reiki teacher at the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago

  • Way of Reiki, The - The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui

    Frans Stiene
    Praise for Frans Steine: Frans Stiene is an international leader in the teaching of Reiki and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the history and foundational principles of this discipline. His new book is both insightful and engaging, lucidly and thoroughly describing the spiritual underpinnings of Reiki healing practices and exploring the unspoken hearts of the early masters. Stiene also explains the Buddhist background of Reiki practice, including the mystical yamabushi ascetic tradition, which became entwined with the training of more mainstream healers. From a unique vantage point grounded in long experience and excellence as a teacher, Stiene guides his readers toward a deeper appreciation of the diverse philosophical wellsprings of Reiki healing as well as the meditative practices that underlie these practices. Devotees of Reiki will also derive from Stiene’s book the inspiration to develop the self-understanding, equanimity, and compassion that are fundamental to Reiki practice. ~ Dr. Judith N. Rabinovitch, Professor of Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Montana

  • Jesus Myth, The

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. A book that explains how one can be the type of Christian that is a follower of the Christ without believing the literal writing of the Bible. The Christ archetype that is a manifestation of love transcends the fallible interpretation of the Bible story of Jesus told through the lens of that time period. Makes so much sense. ~ Teri Thomas (Bookseller) , NetGalley

  • Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel

    A Shining Example: The Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel: A Post-Patriarchal Paradigm, by Lynne Sedgmore
    Reviewed by Geraldine Charles
    Do we need leaders? Quite a few people I’ve come across in the Goddess movement during the last twenty years or so have been strongly opposed to any kind of leadership – but why? I suspect this is a holdover from early second-wave feminism: after all, those early consciousness-raising groups didn’t need much in the way of structure. Unfortunately, however, that led our groups to underestimate what such a lack of framework might mean when we began to move on to activism or, indeed in any direction that required more than listening and the pursuit of insight.
    “Going down the waterfall”I heard the waterfall metaphor many years ago, from a friend who had recently joined a group of women
    activists. It all felt chaotic to her and for a long time she struggled to understand the group dynamics and
    even what—if anything!—had been agreed in meetings. Then she became friends with some of the group members and suddenly – whoosh! Kim quickly realised that it was those very friendships that allowed her sudden ability actively to participate in the group and influence decisions. Not every “unofficial” leader ever becomes aware of her power in this way.
    I’ve banged on about the problems a lack of structure can cause for decades, so was delighted to see Lynne reference Jo Freeman’s The Tyranny of Structurelessness* and go on to concur that denial of any leaders can camouflage where the power really lies in a group, making challenges or changes of direction almost impossible to achieve.
    A new paradigm
    When I first heard about Lynne’s Luminary Leadership training a couple of years ago it didn’t take much thought to realise what an extraordinary—and necessary—path the training offers, one of many such routes to achieving the end of patriarchy and moving towards the vision of the MotherWorld†. And let’s face it, no-one who has been alive and taking notice during the last few years can possibly deny how essential this kind of pioneering work is.

    Workplaces, for example, can be truly horrible places right now, with or without Covid-19. Workplaces where bullying is an everyday occurrence. Workplaces where gaslighting is considered a great management tool. Toxic leadership is everywhere I look. Could the new paradigm Lynne describes, this new view of leadership in combination with Goddess spirituality really work?
    Lynne’s book helps us to see yet more ways that patriarchy has limited us, not just those we know only too well, but also how we can pursue our own dreams without becoming part of the problem. It also becomes clear that attibutes often seen as “feminine” are of fundamental importance in this new style, with the use of intuition as a prime example. But there is far more to this new paradigm than simply saying we should value such feminine attributes more.
    Please don’t be put off if, like me, you don’t think of yourself as a current or aspiring leader! There is plenty in this book for everyone interested in how we move forward towards our goals. Lynne quickly makes it clear that the very word “leader” has meant something quite different within patriarchy to the ideas and suggestions she puts forward here. “Luminary” is Lynne’s preferred term for leader and it’s easy to see why it’s so useful to replace a word with connotations of masculinity with one suggesting, as Lynne writes: “a person who inspires and influences others... also... someone who illuminates”.
    This isn’t just a book to read, digest and set aside: a fully interactive guide to excellence in leadership is here, allowing anyone who wishes to follow along the full power of Lynne’s decades of experience and learning. But that isn’t all, there are also links to online resources including videos, songs, chants and even labyrinth drawing instructions!
    I found the Luminary Leadership Wheel fascinating. For me it seems to condense all of Lynne’s teachings to the wheel’s centre, to “Illuminatrix” in that singular point of--I think the only word here is love--but then to explore out in each direction, towards the archetypes with their ways of knowing and of being leaderful. A path far less linear and quite unlike any management training course I’ve ever seen, but one which spirals between possibilities and strategies.
    It was also great to see some of Kat Shaw’s wonderful paintings being given the showing they so richly deserve!
    One of my personal measures of any book of this kind is the bibliography, and Lynne’s first-rate one means I’ve come away not only with a feeling of excitement at the many books I now look forward to reading, but also excitement at the thought that maybe more things can change than I once dared to dream of.

    * † See ~ Lynne Sedgmore , Geraldine Charles - Goddess Pages editor

  • Beginner's Guide to Managing, The

    Mikil Taylor’s management manual for beginners offers first-time managers an easy-to-follow, actionable,common-sense blueprint for becoming effective and proficient. Taylor leverages his experience as a young manager – his mistakes and the lessons he learned – to provide first-timers with the fundamental grounding they need to develop themselves and their teams. However, as Taylor cautions, simply knowing this information is not sufficient; he advises readers that they must be ready and willing to put these ideas into action.
    ~ getabstract,

  • Brutish Necessity

    Brutish Necessity shines a light on a wretched and forgotten episode in Birmingham’s history, telling us about the roots of racism which are still all too evident today. ~ Adrian Goldberg. Broadcaster and filmmaker, Personal contact

  • Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical Living

    Maria DeBlassie
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I was excited to read this one and once I did I wasn't disappointed. There were plenty of spells, information and more for the new witch and experienced witch alike. I particularly liked the amount of self-care work and would definitely pick this up again. Thank you NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review! ~ Jen Bard (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Way of the Rabbit, The

    Mark Hawthorne
    Very interesting book! Very well-documented and has plenty of information.

    FULL REVIEW: ~, Review

  • Jumping sharks and dropping mics

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Loved reading about the origins of idioms I hear often. Would recommend this book for most anyone. Just know it is written by a brit, so if that style doesn't work for you, this may not either. ~ Kady Burns (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical Living

    Maria DeBlassie
    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. I think this book will speak volumes to many people, but in different ways to each of us. Definitely worth reading and making a commitment to yourself and your life. Living is for joy and happiness and anything we can do to keep that on track, we need to commit to new rituals and self care. Enjoy this book as I did and be true to yourself and your beliefs. ~ Michelle Coates (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Kabbalistic Panpsychism

    Kabbalistic Panpsychism: The Enigma of Consciousness in Jewish Mystical Thought is a philosophical monograph on the origin and nature of consciousness, from a Kabbalistic perspective (Kabbalah is an esoteric school of thought in Jewish mysticism, and Panpsychism proposes that mind-like aspects are an ubiquitous feature of reality - that some form of mentality exists within all natural bodies). Chapters contemplate the intersection of quantum mechanics, consciousness, and the Kabbalah; principles of the Kabbalah; the hierarchy of consciousness in panpsychism; female intuition; clinical models of Kabbalistic panpsychism; and much more. An extensive bibliography and an index round out this welcome addition to personal and public library Philosophy collections. ~ James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

  • Malibu Motel

    Chaunceton Bird
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Malibu Motel is the true story of how one goes from winning the lotto to hitting rock bottom. The struggle is real from bank robbery to heroin addiction to finally serving time in a federal penitentiary. What a story! ~ Ily Renfroe (Media), NetGalley

  • Kilimanjaro Millennial Style

    As someone with no interest in adventure travel, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t put this book down. The narrative is absorbing and engaging; the story is told with such authenticity that it captured my imagination the way a good novel would, leaving me eager to follow the students’ journey and find out what would happen next. Despite being written by a variety of authors, the voice seemed very consistent and the book transitioned smoothly from one chapter to the next. I was completely caught up in the students’ thoughts and emotions; I felt as though I was walking alongside them as they faced each challenge, getting to know them, and cheering them on to achieve their goal. I felt fortunate to benefit from the lessons they learned without having to leave the comfort of my warm, safe home. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who might be contemplating a similar trip (or whose child has proposed such a trip) and also to anyone who loves to get lost in a fascinating, compelling, and well-told story. ~ Dr. Diane Miller, Director of Student Academic Services at the University of Georgia