• Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    Our staff appreciated the easy-to-read, conversational tips for supervisors. A valuable book for any new supervisor. ~ Rebecca David, Amazon Books

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    Joe Duffy has done it! "Being a Supervisor 1.0" is a must read with invaluable insight and wisdom for not only the aspiring (or experienced) supervisor, but also for the employee dedicated to his/her employer. Regardless of position, all levels of a healthy organization need to know the challenges faced by all. Joe Duffy brings humanity and compassion to the workplace. The chapter on "self-care" was incredibly important. Thanks for your leadership in tackling the issues most leaders are afraid to address, but which have to be tackled to ensure long-term success. r/ Jerry T ~ Laura Teresinski, Amazon Books

  • Raising Faith
    Claire Waters
    What an amazing book written by a mother who wanted to learn about her children's abilities to help them to navigate and function in the world they are living in with their psychic abilities. It was nice to get an inside look at this family and how they are dealing with this. I hope that we get a follow up book on the progress of the children and how they are growing with their abilities.
    ~ LaGina Reese, Amazon

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    Joe covers the whole gamut of leadership at the managerial and supervisory levels. This is a must read for those starting out in leadership and for those who may need a refresher. With each page, you will take away important and immediately applicable lessons. ~ Hoke P, Amazon Books

  • Strategies for Being Visible:14 Profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders
    Susan Ritchie

    I really enjoyed this book. My Kindle version is covered in highlights and notes. There were so many good ideas, both general and specific. Ritchie gave lots of examples of real women who did the things she was talking about. She was up-to-date on social media which can be unusual in books, and her tips seemed solid.

    I read some of the portions aloud to my more senior family members who have worked in business for years and we discussed the ideas. I didn't come across any that seemed stupid or like they wouldn't work for anyone (of course not all of them will work for everyone).

    I especially liked the "Try This" sections at the end of every chapter that summed the chapter up into an actionable step (or steps). The sections often built on each other which made it feel more like a plan than a series of unconnected tips. ~ Kaitlyn Barkley, NetGalley

  • Digital Consciousness
    Jim Elvidge
    "Digital Consciousness" is an excellent read...a it's a story that needs to be told. We are all facing a future where automated intelligence will become increasingly challenging for humans, and frightening to some of us (perhaps most of us). Some of us are even questioning whether an objective reality actually exists. Other research shows a clear development of cognitive intelligence among many species of animals on our planet. Why should we not see that phenomenon occur in complex digital memory banks. This is a thoughtful, and thorough analysis of the phenomenon of intelligence as it is emerging in non-biological systems. I found it well worth reading, and bought my own hard copy. It's a "Keeper" ... and a book worth reading more than once!
    ~ Bonnie Jacobson, NetGalley

  • Quaker Quicks - What Do Quakers Believe?
    Geoffrey Durham
    The author has a good style, simple and direct, making it easy to enjoy the reading. ~ Alan D.D., NetGalley

  • You Are Not Your Thoughts
    Frances Trussell
    Mindfulness is a great way to free yourself from worry, regret, of daily stress and of taking control of your emotional life. So many things in our lives are outside of our control, but our thoughts are something that, with practice, can be shifted to focus more often on what "is" rather than "what ifs". This book speaks simply and clearly to the benefits of mindfulness with great examples of how to put mindfulness to work in your daily life, finding the happiness and joy that is already present in every day. ~ Tiffany Howard, NetGalley

  • Some Books Aren’t For Reading
    Howard Marc Chesley
    This was great due to all the unexpected story lines and twists and turns. It was well written all types of emotions were expressed by the well developed characters. To tell more about why I found it so good would mean I spoiled it. ~ Joan Whitney , NetGalley

  • Miracle of Anna, The
    John Edward Nelson
    The blurb for the book was interesting, and definitely lived up to expectations. I think the author should get some credit for his creative originality, as I have not seen or read anything with a story line such as this one. It stretched my thinking on this whole issue. It will appeal to any reader interested in rebirth. I think others also may find it quite a good read. ~ Kathy Talley, NetGalley

  • Divine Meditations: 26 Spiritual Qualities of the Bhagavad Gita
    Jenny Light
    Author Jenny Light's passionate spirituality and dedication to teaching spirituality shines through every page and every sentence of this helpful and encouraging guide. Even if you are not on the past of Eastern Spirituality, I still recommend this book for its focus on Self-realization and Oneness. Who doesn't need to learn to focus, to direct Will, and to release concerns, worries, and anxieties? Certainly no one I know. Take the book slowly, even though the author's passion may incite you to read quickly. Read, ponder, and learn.
    ~ Mallory Haws, NetGalley

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    I had the opportunity to read Duffy's "Being A Supervisor 1.0" and was struck by how well organized and thought out his approach to managing people is. He also does a great job of detailing the many different roles of a supervisor and gives helpful tips and examples of how to set yourself up for success. This is a great read for any new manger or any young business student who plans to manage and lead people. I immediately added this text to my college curriculum, as it is a clear and concise road map to help any manager have success and positively impact people. ~ David D Nix, Amazon Books

  • All Things are Nothing to Me
    Jacob Blumenfeld
    In his ambitious study, Blumenfeld attempts to revive Stirner’s ghost once more in two regards: he wants to actualise Stirner both as a philosopher to be taken seriously and as a contemporary point of interest for both anarchist and Marxist purposes, a theoretician of contemporary political resistance against postmodern capitalism exactly because he might overcome the split between these two traditions. Blumenfeld undertakes this from an explicitly Stirnerian point of view: he does not want to save Stirner by making any concessions to his critiques and yet he attempts to make Stirner as strong as possible in order to show that it is Stirner’s opponents who are to make the concessions.

    This radical gesture – a very Stirnerian one in itself –makes Blumenfeld’s book a valuable resource for anyone interested in philosophy and/or political theory. Blumenfeld succeeds in convincing the reader that Stirner is a critical philosopher for our time, impressively refuting the standard claims against him, but without hesitating to criticize him as well. ~ Paul Stephan, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books

  • Mission From Venus
    Susan Plunket
    Susan Plunket writes eloquently of the soul. ~ Kirkus Review

  • Boundary
    Mary Victoria Johnson
    The challenge put upon Penny and the others was a wonderfully imaginative story line. Fantasy to the full It was well written, with lots of humor, and a novel I'd read again!I would love to read the next installment as this book leaves some questions unanswered. The story while moving a little slow at first quickly picks up and has you racing to read to the end as you wonder what could actually be happening. ~ Alycia Canfield, NetGalley

  • Road to Power, The
    Barbara Berger
    The Power Is Within You – 5 Stars Bonnie Cehovet
    I have followed Barbara Berger’s work for many years now. I have even had the pleasure of doing an audio interview with her. I am impressed with her authenticity, and with the fact that as a counsellor she gifts her readers with tools that they can use to take action in their lives.

    “The Road To Power – Fast Food For The Soul” is two books in one. The power that Barbara is talking about is the power of the mind, the power to take back our lives, and to create the life that we really want. Bottom line – we can change our lives by changing our thinking. We have the ability to change any area of our life that we want to – we just need to take responsibility and put the effort in.

    I feel that Barbara’s books, and her work, can benefit all people, from all walks of life. Included amongst her writing are "Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life", "The Awakening Human Being - A Guide to the Power of Mind", and "Find and Follow Your Inner Compass - Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload". Each book addresses something that we can do to live a better, more balanced life.

    The focus in this book is on our mind, and how we create our lives through the power of thoughts and words. Barbara points out that we are victims of our own thinking. She makes a very important point when she says that the outside world is simply a manifestation of what we choose to think about it. Power is an inside job! We need to do the work required on ourselves, the inner work. As our thoughts change, our outer world changes.
    Each chapter of this book presents specific techniques that the reader can use to control their life and create the future that they want. Each chapter is a “stand alone”, so that the reader can go to whichever chapter they need most at any given time (for example - The Power of Focus, The Power of Money, The Power of Silence, The Power of Joy and Laughter, The Power of Vision).

    Each chapter is written in clear, straightforward language. Each tool is presented in a manner in which the reader will be able to implement it in their life. I loved the fact that Barbara mentions other well-known individuals in this book and describes the work that they are doing. It is a “who’s who” of working on yourself! At the end of the book, there is a listing of these teachers, and their books.

    This book is easy to read, and easy for the reader to implement in their life. I recommend it for all ages, and all backgrounds.

    ~ Bonnie Cehovet, Amazon and her own blog

  • Blood-Stained Poppy, The
    Kevin Rooney
    James Heartfield
    Praise for Rooney and Heartfield's previous work from Zero Books, Who's Afraid of the Easter Rising? 1916-2016: 'A penetrating reflection on the controversies surrounding the Dublin revolt of 1916.' ~ Michael Fitzpatrick, Spiked Online

  • Abide As That
    The Ribhu Gita is a timeless classic, a bliss bomb of intuitive spiritual utterances, insights and revelations condensed into pill form. Jason Brett Serle's elegant and easy to absorb translation is a gift to all earnest seekers of Truth. ~ Mooji

  • Time To Tell
    Ronald Green
    Dear Ron,
    You are a genius!
    I am now reading the chapter Will Be in your brilliant book. It’s also great reading and I am enjoying it immensely.
    This book is on a different level. Reinvention is one thing, but this is/was/will be cosmic!
    Have you got a parachute?
    ~ Martin F., Email to author

  • Village, The
    Philip Duke
    The contention of all anti war books is that use of military force is the most horrible way to solve any problem and "The Village" is no exception. It is a fast read and interesting enough to pull the reader into wanting to finish it without pause. The description of the actual places where the action took place is a nice extra which allows the reader to examine a topographical map of Crete and quickly grasp what problems were faced by each of the participants during the invasion. Good use of fiction to present a factual event to readers not aware of what happened there during a tumultuous period in history. ~ Paul Lane, NetGalley

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