• Pagan Portals - Pan
    Melusine Draco
    Just finished this book and I highly recommend it. I'm a polytheist so I don't believe in one overall horned god and I'm happy to say this book can appeal to all. I've studied Pan's lore for many years yet there are pieces of lore in this book I have not seen and also insight that made me stop and think.
    Great book. ~ Pan & Hecate FB page, FB

  • Wisdom for Living
    Reynold Ruslan Feldman
    Sharon Clark
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This wonderful book is one to be enjoyed and used slowly over time....... I loved this book and will continue to return to it. ~ January Gray (Reviewer, NetGalley

  • Peace or Pacification?
    Liam Ó Ruairc
    Often the so-called 'Irish question' is reduced to one of ancestral hatreds, but "Peace or Pacification?: Northern Ireland After The Defeat of the IRA" follows the relevant tensions (a soft border vs a hard border) borne out of Brexit negotiations grounds in a thought-provoking study within the context of colonialism, anti-imperialism and liberation struggles. "Peace or Pacification?" demonstrates that 'peace' might not be found in 'justice', and argues instead of a 'peace process' for a 'pacification process'.

    Timely, relevant, informative, thoughtful, instructive, and a critically significant contribution to the current Brexit controversy, "Peace or Pacification?: Northern Ireland After The Defeat of the IRA" is especially and unreservedly recommended for community and academic library collections. ~ James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Mid West Book Review

  • High Heels & Beetle Crushers
    Jackie Skingley
    A wonderful memoir.

    I loved and thoroughly enjoyed this memoir by Jackie Skingley. The title having caught my eye; I didn't know what Beetle Crushers were. I don't know much about the Army-but you don't have to know to read this. A truly wonderful read.

    The author was a child at the time of the Second World. A coming of age memoir. Good atmosphere and scene-setting. Warmth and contentment which is suddenly changed irrevocably. Harder times, then chuckles and charming tales. Just a little way in and it was already a powerful read. Life, loves, losses, challenges, memories and emotions, all perfectly captured.

    I like how there are mentions throughout the book of what music was playing at the time, as in this example: You Make me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra.

    I can highly recommend this book. It was well written, easy to read, and totally engrossing from the outset. ~ Julie Haigh, We Love Memoirs

  • Boundary
    Mary Victoria Johnson
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This flowed so well that there a couple nights I didn't stop reading until I saw the sky lightening on a new day. This is dark and edgy. There was never a moment where I said this is a good point to take a rest.... There was no rest while reading this fresh take on YA Fantasy. A word to the'll want the second book by your side to pick up right away. ~ Teresa Drelick (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Bigfoot Singularity
    Ronald C. Meyer
    Mark Reeder
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Great book! I enjoy unique plots and this definitely is unique. There are twists and turns that will keep you engaged until the last page. ~ Anthony Philo (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Soul Murmurs
    Anita Neilson
    This is a nice collection of Christian poems and encouragement that anyone can incorporate into their day to day life to lift their spirits. I like the poetry and the reference to the seasons. It was a sweet enjoyable respite from life. There is much to reflect on here and great food for thought . ~ Cozy Cat Reviews (Reviewer) , NetGalley

  • Diary of a Death Doula
    Debra Diamond Ph.D.
    ............. Death is a topic that lots of people try to stay away from, yet all of us will be confronted with sooner or later. There's a common set of experiences - internal as well as physical - that dying people go through. This book can broaden people's awareness of what exactly goes on in hospices and can bring comfort to those losing a loved one. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ~ Sofie D (Reviewer) , NetGalley

  • Bigfoot Singularity
    Ronald C. Meyer
    Mark Reeder
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This is perhaps the greatest book I have read on the subject. Gripping and thoroughly compelling. Bigfoot fans will be fighting to grab themselves a copy!! A MUST READ! ~ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, NetGalley

  • Ghost Boy
    Stafford Betty
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Something a little out of the ordinary but I loved it. Full of twists and turns, you'll never know what to expect. ~ Amanda Williams (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Grimworld
    Avery Moray
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. Grimworld was a creepy, original, and dark book. I looooove Coraline (and all things Neil Gaiman, obviously), so I was excited to read another author that can do a creepy and entertaining book! I loved it. Henry was a great main character, and I thought Avery Moray's writing was spectacular. Very suitable for those in middle school (and adults who enjoy charming, creepy novels) ~ Dee Free (Librarian), NetGalley

  • Tragic Daughters of Charles I, The
    Sarah-Beth Watkins
    This is a peep into the boudoir and (even the mail) of four British princesses of the 17th century Stuart era, one of whom married the Prince of Orange and another who joined the French court, becoming confidante and lover of the Sun King. This is a great little book which pulls all the punches and bundles the women’s lives into one small readable package.
    Famous male monarchs have a habit of pushing the female family members out of the history books, (many written by men I suspect) but Sarah- Beth Watkins redresses this in this powerful informative little book. Although the book does focus on their father King Charles 1st of England, his beheading and his son’s restoration to the throne, these details are only inserted as a means of explaining the whole family ‘s life and tribulations.
    Their home life was turbulent as their famously charming father Charles (yet tyrannical absolute monarch) married Henrietta Maria, a deeply unpopular French and Catholic queen. Subsequent civil war would tear their family apart.
    The book’s title, The Tragic Daughters of Charles I clearly outlines the contacts. Anne died young. Elizabeth remained a prisoner prior to her father‘s execution, moving from place to place before dying at the age of 14. We read an emotional account of her final meeting with her father on the eve of his execution.
    The eldest daughter, Mary, is on the book cover and features widely. Designated as Princess Royal, Mary married William II, Prince of Orange of the Netherlands at the age of 9, the marriage unconsummated for several years. One of her sons, born after his father’s death, would become King William III of England. Her life in the Netherlands was unhappy and following her brother’s restoration to the Kingship, returned to England where she died of smallpox in 1660, as had her younger sister.
    The youngest daughter, Henrietta, was born as her mother fled from Parliamentarian armies. Initially in care of the Countess of Morton, she escaped to France to join her mother and was subsequently raised in the French court. She endured a deeply unhappy marriage to the King's brother Philippe, Duke of Orléans. A confidante and (we highly suspect) lover of the Sun King, although becoming pregnant several times only two of daughters (Marie Louise and Anne Marie) survived to adulthood. A lover of arts, she was part of the Secret Treaty of Dover which enabled her to revisit England. She too fell ill and died at the young age of 26 years, deeply mourned in France.
    Much of the information is gleaned from documents and personal and professional letters (for example between Charles, Henrietta Anne and Mary.) None of the Stuart sisters lived to reach thirty and the carefree regal life one would expect of a Princess was not obviously evident in their short lives. At a young age they faced uncertain futures due to the complexity of political upheaval at the time of their untimely births. This book brings together the women’s stories which make for a tremendous read, their lives shattered by the Civil War and the execution of their father.
    ~ Carina McNally, Book Reviewer

  • Coarse Witchcraft Trilogy, The
    Melusine Draco
    " I picked up a book in the used section of the bookstore I work at: “The Coarse Witchcraft Trillogy” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was surprised to make the connection too. What fantastic stories!" ~ Sky Bray, Coven of the Scales

  • May's Moon
    S.Y. Palmer

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. ...I really enjoyed Michael's journey through the trials of CMP (Children's Moon Mission) to try for the spot of being the first child in space. This book was fun, interesting, and kept you wanting to figure out what would happen next! I read this really quickly because I wanted to find out who would make it to the final selection process for CMP. This book had so many interesting facts about space and space travel as well, which is something I really enjoyed. I like being able to learn something from a book and will happily share this book with the children in my life. If you know a child that is interested in anything space-related, then this book is definitely for them! It is such a fun way to put a story to your dreams. ~ Isabelle Wagner (Reviewer) NetGalley, Netgalley

  • Magdalene Lineage, The
    5 Stars
    The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries is a work of non-fiction focused on new age concepts such as spirituality, religious history and the nature of the divine, and was penned by author Reena Kumarasingham. The book uses the technique of regression therapy, in which the author is trained, to recount the spiritual lineage of the follower of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and un-bury her from the mystique that history has laid upon her. In the author’s own expressions, we discover Mary in all her familial roles as a woman, but also as herself in her deepest heart, and the stories which inspire us to look to her as a kind of spiritual teacher.

    Everyone expresses their spirituality in different ways, and I feel that both Christians and non-Christians can come to this book about Mary Magdalene with an open mind to consider the teachings that are proposed by it. Central mantras of putting good out into the world, and trusting in faith and belief, are well expressed through author Reena Kumarasingham, whose prose is filled with inspirational lexis and well-chosen expressions. The arrangement of the book itself gives a good progression and explains a little about the process of actually accessing the idea of past lives through regression therapy. For readers who are especially interested in this concept, Reena Kumarasingham writes with confidence and motivation about her craft. Overall, The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries presents an interesting and uplifting perspective which is well worth exploring. ~ K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Reviews, Reena

  • Magdalene Lineage, The
    5 Stars
    For those who want to explore feminine spirituality and past life revelations, this book will certainly fascinate and inform you. The life of Mary Magdalene has been enveloped in mystery for two thousand years; sometimes vilified and other times honored for her role in the earliest days of Christianity. Through past life regressions conducted by the author, Mary Magdalene’s life is revealed. As a child, she had healing powers and knowledge beyond her years. Her adult years, including marriage and children, enduring joys and sorrows, and teaching other women spiritual truths, are intriguing. The author also worked with a second woman, who had a past life as Tamar, Mary’s daughter. The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, written by renowned regression therapist Reena Kumarasingham, is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn about this legendary woman and her teachings.

    One of the most poignant aspects of this book is the author’s thoughtful comparisons to other sources of information about Mary Magdalene and Tamar. She carefully portrayed the historical era, including the cultural and political climate. Her description of the Essenes matches other texts describing the beliefs and works of this group. She also adds the reasons why certain sects and the early Christian Church portrayed Mary Magdalene in derogatory terms, rather than as the spiritual teacher and healer she was. Although the book contains much historical data, it is easily read and understood by any curious reader. Author Reena Kumarasingham has written a well-crafted and intriguing text in The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. A wonderful book! ~ Deborah Lloyd, Readers’ Favorite Reviews, Reena

  • Magdalene Lineage, The
    5 Stars
    Insightful, thoughtful, and filled with spiritual depth, The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries by Reena Kumarasingham takes a unique look at the life of one of the controversial characters in the gospels, Mary Magdalene, and explores the depth of her spirituality. The author takes readers on a spiritual odyssey and explores hidden gems of spirituality that looks at the role of women in the union with God. There is a lot to learn from Mary Magdalene as readers explore her life from the age of six, going through her arranged marriage, her break-away from an abusive marriage and her relationship with Jesus. The narrative moves on to present the conception of the child of Jesus and Mary. The narrative covers the events during and after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene's adventures and the life of Sara, Mary Magdalene's daughter with Jesus.

    This is a daring book; it is full of research and a powerful answer to some of the questions that Christians don’t even have the courage to ask. In this book, the author explores the life of one woman in the Bible and her relationship with Jesus, but she also goes on to examine the truths and stories that the Bible doesn’t allow us to see. Mary Magdalene is presented as a human being in her strengths and vulnerabilities and as an icon of feminine spirituality. Reena’s work makes me question everything I have learned about the Bible and encourages a dialogue that has been suppressed over the years by religious fanaticism and dogma. The Magdalene Lineage: Past Life Journeys into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries is a powerful call to Christian readers and a book that sustains the idea that there is far more to the Christian narrative than what is in the Scriptures. A very inspiring and eye-opening book. ~ Christina Sia, Reader's Favourite Reviews, Reena

  • Magdalene Lineage, The
    A resonance of truth bringing forth a greater understanding of ancient knowing and wisdom of the Divine Feminine into our modern times” ~ Sue Stone, Author, International Speaker, Happiness and Empowerment Leader, Sue Stone Foundation, Reena

  • Truth Inside, The
    Ali Norell
    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I could not imagine how she and the family dealt with the emotional fallout from the death. I found comfort in her words and loved the prompts at the end of each chapter. I started this book and couldn’t stop until I finished it. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the afterlife, reincarnation or medium ship. ~ Dawn Thomas (Reviewer), NetGalley

  • Pagan Portals - Sun Magic
    Rachel Patterson
    Given the fact that modern Pagan practice tends to favor more the divine feminine than the masculine, with a lot of importance paid to the moon, her mysteries and cycles, it is refreshing to find a book such as Pagan Portals – Sun Magic: How To Live In Harmony With The Solar Year by Rachel Patterson. I knew I had to read it as soon as I saw it, knowing I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’m glad I did and I wasn’t, for the record............ Pagan Portals – Sun Magic: How to Live in Harmony with the Solar Year, by Rachel Patterson, is a funny yet informative reading, which I would recommend mostly to newcomers, although elders could also find useful tips along with innovative ideas within it. Needless to say that I am already waiting for the author’s next book! ~ Robert Scheer, Lightwork Review

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