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Death and Dying Examined

When I die, all of me dies, my body, my mind, my consciousness. But the memory of me is incorporated into the memory of my family and friends, the church I have sought to serve, and even in what I think I can call the mind of God. And that is enough for me...

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Essential Quaker Reading

Quaker readers spotlight on Rhiannon Grant, author of Quaker Quicks - Hearing the Light

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Essential Christian Reading

John Hunt Publishing explores a wide range of disciplines within the field of Christian faith and practice. It also draws on personal testimony and new ways of finding and expressing God's presence in the world today.

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Searching for meaning or for truth

Taking Heart, centres on the idea that the spiritual life is always personal and the deeper the spiritual life is, the more personal it becomes.

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We are all one in Christ

The mind of Christ is the Spirit mind, the higher nature, a different level of consciousness. If we can centre ourselves in that level of compassionate loving consciousness, then our whole lives begin to operate in a different way.

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What is Quakerism

​Quakers Do What! Why? is an introduction to Quaker oddities. Based on a question and answer format, it is for anyone who has learned a fact about Quakers - perhaps only that Quakers exist - and wants to know more.​

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The Quaker Quicks Series

Ever wondered who Quakers are, what they believe in and how they worship? Then this series will answer these questions and more.

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​God is a Symbol of Something True

An extract from the book, God is a Symbol of Something True by Jack Call.

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Can evolution and God co-exist?

An extract taken from Tim Heaton's bestselling Lent course, The Naturalist and the Christ: God and evolution, God and suffering - a search for Darwin's God.

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Why I am a Pacifist

What Quakers are probably best known for is persistently working for peace. This is an introduction as to why Tim Gee is a pacifist.

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Quaker Faith and Practice and the Economy

An extract taken from the latest Quaker Quick title, Money and Soul which gives a taste of the power of applying faith values to our economic story.

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Introducing A Secret History of Christianity

The introduction to Mark Vernon's new book A Secret History of Christianity, publishing August 2019

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