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Son of Karbala

Son of Karbala

Son of Karbala

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Apr 13, 2006

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Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
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Comparative religion, Personal memoirs


In this autobiography the atmosphere of an Iraq in transition is brought to life with all its sights, sounds and political realities. But the authors personal concern and quest has always been spiritual rather than political, so the national and cultural upheavals are used as a backdrop for his own journey of self discovery and search for truth. An acknowledged Master of several Sufi orders, his main aim now is to make accessible to younger generations the original Islamic transactional way of life (Din), through the discovery of the root and foundation of the Divine message; a message which transcends political, national, even religious realities. For anyone interested in how Iraq got to where it is now, in how Muslims regard their history, and in how the message of Islam meets both individual needs and that of the world today, this is a timely and thought-provking book.

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