More Adventures in Eternity

More Adventures in Eternity

More Adventures in Eternity

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Apr 25, 2008

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Gordon Phinn
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Afterlife & reincarnation, Channeling & mediumship


Gordon Phinn's first book Eternal Life and how to enjoy it won him a dedicated worldwide following. More Adventures in Eternity describes the author's unique explorations and the unfolding of his higher self as his guide's teachings release Gordon from being a grateful disciple to a self-initiated explorer and all-round multi-level shapeshifter through astral plane training. The author is a spiritual counsellor and past-life regression therapist who discovers he can communicate with beings of all statures from ascended masters to dead relatives, as well as revisiting his own past lives and future selves. Our human journey into the unseen dimensions of the planet is mapped with the exploratory joy of the disciple unleashed from the staid solemnities and stale pieties of religion; with delicious irreverence our destiny is unveiled. This book appeals to all those who are intrigued by out-of-body astral travel and near death experiences and who want to know more.

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