Other Side of Virtue, The

Other Side of Virtue, The

Other Side of Virtue, The

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Jul 25, 2008

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Brendan Myers
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Ethics & moral philosophy, Good & evil


The Celts, the old Norse and Germanic people, the Greeks of the time of Homer and Hesiod, and other ancient heroic societies are popularly believed to be tribal warrior cultures, where the light of civilisation had not yet dawned. In fact this is far from the case. Many of our own most fundamental ideas about politics, justice, friendship, true love, the good life, and especially the notion of Virtue itself, come from their world. To them, Virtue had nothing to do with purity, nor modesty, nor God-given laws, nor sin and guilt, nor with any Sunday-school pretentiousness. Rather, it originally meant 'excellence' and 'greatness of soul'. It was tied to more assertive qualities like strength and courage, and to social qualities like friendship. It was also connected to spiritual principles like the nature of the soul, the hope for immortality, and even the pursuit of happiness itself. Using ancient heroic epics and sagas like Beowulf, the Illiad and Odyssey, the Eddas, the Tain Bo Cuailnge, and literature inspired by them including the works of Shakespeare, Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling, this book explains the world-view that gave birth to our virtues. In that world-view, life involves inevitable confrontations with inexplicable events like fortune, nature, other people, and death itself. However, the good life itself becomes possible when we face them and respond to them. Finally, the book calls for a revival of heroic and classical Virtue in our time. Brendan Cathbad Myers, Ph.D., has worked as a musician, an environmentalist, a labour union leader, a university lecturer and as a simple country gardener ..explores territory that is vitally important to understand at this critical time in our history...let the book deepen your soul and broaden your understanding. Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Sacred Places, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

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