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The complete details of our publishing process can be found in this guide. You can browse the chapters and sections using the contents menu below.

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For Authors

We are a dynamic, forward-looking company and have published around 1,000 authors over the last twenty years, and well over 2,000 books (nearly 100 authors have published with us three times or more, with some in or approaching double figures).

Reader reports, editing, worldwide distribution, sales through first-class sales teams to bricks-and-mortar shops worldwide and all online accounts, along with marketing and publicity are provided as standard for all titles.

We pay royalties at 25% on ebooks and 10-25% on print books.

If we like a title but feel the market is limited or difficult, or/and the title is expensive on the design front, a small subsidy from the author may be required, but only around 15% of our titles have one. Subsidies vary across the imprints, but are more prevalent in fiction.

Our ethos is to work through our innovative database to make the publishing process as easy as we can for potential authors.

The benefits for an author

  • Publishing inquiries are typically dealt within three days rather than the three months publishing average.
  • You get feedback from several people rather than one.
  • Contracts are usually issued within a week or two of the Proposal rather than negotiated over another three months.
  • Production is similarly faster than usual, with an average of three months from manuscript to finished files. Books can be made available for your own use at any time after that, but we do need ten months from finished files to publication to allow time to get into distributor and retailer catalogues, and for the reps to contact shops around the world with the finished product.
  • We work with over 70 sales reps worldwide.
  • Royalties are competitive on both print books and ebooks.
  • Distribution and sales is international rather than national.
  • Monthly sales are available for you to see, along with the marketing.
  • Access to the database gives a range of contacts if you want to follow up leads.
  • You can join in author discussions and help forums.
  • More time is available for us to spend on sales, marketing and social networking.
  • We can publish more good titles, and good titles support each other in the market.



If you have any suggestions for improvements to the copy in this Publishing Guide, we would love to hear from you. If you are one of our authors you can use one of the closed author groups or the Author Forum. If not, you can contact us through the website

We are a member of the Association of American Publishers and the Independent Publishers Guild, the trade body for independent publishers in the UK. 

For Bookstores

John Hunt Publishing Ltd. brings out a couple of hundred or so titles a year across a wide variety of subjects, under different imprints.

We started in the early 2000s in the Mind Body Spirit area with O-Books, and that has spun off a number of more specialist MBS imprints, including Moon Books on paganism. Christianity is now covered in Christian Alternative (liberal Christianity) and Circle Books (more traditional). Zero Books publishes titles on politics and culture. We’ve moved into fiction with Roundfire (general), Cosmic Egg (sci-fi/fantasy), Top Hat (historical fiction), Lodestone (YA) and Our Street (children). Changemakers publishes books for individuals who want to transform their lives and the world. In non-fiction there is Iff Books (the human condition, society and civilization), Chronos (history), Business Books, Compass Books (for writers) and others.

We publish internationally. Currently half our authors are from N. America, the rest from the UK and around the world. Sales are handled by National Book Network in the USA and Canada, Quantum in the UK, Andrew Durnell in Europe and Ireland, Publishers International Marketing in Asia, Brumby in Australia and Hay House in S. Africa.

For convenience the imprints are grouped into ten broad areas on the website here. For signing up to a newsletter, click here. Catalogues on new titles are further grouped into four areas, of Fiction, Non-fiction, MBS and Politics/culture (Zero Books). For these or for the “top ten” in each subject area, click here. AI/Tipsheets for all titles are available here. For "More About Us", click here.




We have 24 imprints grouped into 10 clusters - Mind Body Spirit, Non-Fiction, Transformation, Christianity, History, Books for Writers, Fiction, Children & Young Adult, Paganism, and Culture & Politics.

Mind Body Spirit





Books For Writers


Children & Young Adult


Culture & Politics

A collective run by authors for authors

The business is mostly run by authors, for authors, rather than full-time staff working in a central office. Instead, we provide information throughout the website, point you to the relevant bits at the right time, use automatic email notifications (nearly a hundred of them, covering everything from availability of contract, through the editorial, production, sale, marketing and PR stages - we send out hundreds a day), to authors and the editors/designers/marketing people scattered around North America/Europe (most of them authors who have come up through the system – it's something of a "collective").

You may well have been in touch with the imprint publisher, but our "default" position is to run the business without the one-to-one relationship that publishers traditionally provide.

We communicate via the Author Forum

We have the Author Forum for queries, where you should get an answer within a day or so. You should find it in the top right-hand corner of your screen when you log in.

Author forums

Please see USING THE AUTHOR FORUM for a more detailed guide on posting a query.

There are also “closed” Facebook pages for different imprints, for authors and publishers to talk amongst themselves, supporting each other, helping out with endorsements, reviews, events, comments on manuscripts, discovering new sites/outlets and sharing the knowledge. These things are key to the way we work.


Facebook Image For authors - closed groups on Facebook

and for FB groups for readers- see John Hunt Publishing Blogs and Social Media Networks in Chapter 14.

The Database

On our database your title has seven pages, of varying length and importance – Book Details, Contract, Publishing Team, Production, Marketing, Financials and History.

Book Details
Enter all the information about the book

Review the publishing agreement

Publishing Team
Meet the people behind this book

Track production & upload files

Track mktg plans, activities & docs

View sales & royalty reports



System log & Notifications

These store information which is constantly updated – reader reports, book details, log history, notification history, production schedule, monthly sales, rights sold, marketing activities attempted and achieved, royalty payments etc., all visible to you, the author, and to all the other people working on your book (who are widely scattered around North America and Europe). You can also see much of what happens on other titles, but not their sales figures or personal author details, and you can trawl through the contacts and marketing database, adding new ones and making comments.

Each of the many sections in these pages has an explanatory help icon – ? help. These have a few sentences of copy, with a link to a more detailed explanation here in this Publishing Guide (available on the Database and publicly on the website). Grammatically, it follows our house style, so tends to use American spelling, though in practice we publish titles in the style most appropriate to their individual markets. It is work in progress, regularly changed and updated, in response to author suggestions and the changing market. We often refer to this Publishing Guide in the few dozen notifications that go out during the course of a title's production and sales, and on the author help forums.

For us and you

  • We can spend more time on the sales and marketing, rather than repeating the answers to the dozens or hundreds of queries that usually crop up on most titles, on anything from "what subject category should be the book be?" to "how can I get books to a conference in Chile?"

If you are coming to our database as a potential new author, and have entered a submission, you will have access to the Book Details page to enter a proposal. The information you enter here will be edited through the production process, and this page will end up as the essential repository for your “book details” – final title, author details, edited description, specification of the book, ISBN, price, etc. It will also be the place where new reviews are entered. The details on this page feed through to the website when it is “switched on” to “live”, which is when the publication date is set, and to databases around the world.


Sample endorsements

I have published eight books with JHP. Having worked in publishing as a literary agent for nearly thirty years, I thought I knew about publishers, but it’s been a revelation. It's transparent, honest, extraordinarily speedy, and as near democratic as a company can be. Despite all communication being on-line (not my natural habitat), it does feel like a real community. And the books look good. JHP seems to have worked out how to be a successful twenty-first-century publisher, without losing touch with what mattersJennifer Kavanagh, author of A Little Book of Unknowing (Christian Alternative), The Emancipation of B (Roundfire), Journey Home (O Books), The Failure of Success (O Books), Small Change, Big Deal (Business Books), Simplicity Made Easy (Earth Books), New Light (Christian Alternative) and The World is My Cloister (Christian Alternative).

NB: Published since then or in production - Heart of Oneness (Christian Alternative), Quaker Quicks: Practical Mystics (Christian Alternative), Silence Diaries (Roundfire).

Many people have helped to bring Colin Crampton to life. First, there is the team of publishers, editors and publicists at John Hunt Publishing. As a veteran of 21 books with other publishers, I am amazed at how efficient they arePeter Bartramauthor of Headline Murder (Roundfire) and Stop Press Murder (Roundfire).

John Hunt publishing is ahead of its time. What I love about John Hunt Publishing is its transparency. I published my first book with John Hunt Publishing and I have now had six books published by them. I am completely happy with all aspects of this business which is why I have stayed with this companyHilary H. Carter, author of The 11.11 Code (Ayni), The Chakras Made Easy (Ayni), New Life Stories (Ayni), No Name No Number (Axis Mundi), Number Woman (Axis Mundi), Numerology Made Easy (Dodona).

I am delighted with the look and the feel of them. I think the cover designer has done a magnificent job, as has everyone else connected with this project. I read the whole book through last night and was positively excited by what I read! The only minor flaws I detected were the repetition of the word 'that' at the end of line 14 on page 38 and my irritatingly unnecessary and gramatically faulty writing of the words 'far more' at the end of the last line on page 63. Otherwise it is all perfect – well, pretty close to that! Richard Oxtoby, author of Trouble with Christianity (Christian Alternative).

John Hunt Publishing is an amazing and innovative company unlike any publisher I have ever worked with. They respond quickly to queries, are transparent about all aspects of the publishing process, engage their authors in practical promotional activities, retain very creative and friendly staff, and are truly open to new ideas. This is the forefront of the publishing industry and I feel honored to work with them. My writing career would have stalled without themJohn C. Robinsonauthor of The Three Secrets of Aging (O Books), Finding Heaven Here (O Books), Bedtime Stories for Elders (O Books), What Aging Men Want (Psyche), Breakthrough (Roundfire).

Could I just say how impressed I am by John Hunt Publishing. The cover of the book is brilliant and the speed of the publishing process puts other companies to shame. David Sunderland, author of These Chivalrous Brothers (Chronos).

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to Dominic, Maria, Catherine, and the rest of the staff and management of Roundfire Books for everything they've done to make my new novel Fragile Brilliance become a published book. Everyone involved was so supportive of the book/manuscript from the beginning and I appreciated it so much. Everyone has treated me so well and treated me like a real author, which is something that really makes me feel special. I could not be more pleased with how the book looks and how it was marketed and distributed. My entire experience with you all has just been awesome! Eliot Parker, author of Fragile Brilliance (Roundfire).

Mentoring has been an absolutely invaluable help in getting my book ready for publishing. It can be difficult to spot mistakes and even trickier to know how to change them, but Maria Moloney is excellent at doing both! It’s clear how much work she puts into the edits, and I liked how she explained her reasons for changing things so that I knew how to correct similar errors later on. Thank you! Mary Johnson author of Boundary (Lodestone).

John Hunt Publishing has been such a fabulous experience with immediate results. My first book hit #2 in Beauty and Fashion category on Amazon and received international attention on news wires, websites and a mention in their quarterly newsletter. The book cover design is exceptional, while the production process is effective and speedy. But most of all their marketing team is incredible! Machel Shull, author of Middle Age Beauty (Ayni).

JHP makes available more information to its authors – print runs, monthly sales figures, marketing initiatives etc. – than probably any other publisher. It also pays royalties promptly when due. JHP has published two titles for me, and I'm very pleased with the result. Tim Heaton, author of Long Road to Heaven (Circle Books) and The Naturalist and the Christ (Circle Books).

Having come from another publisher, I found JHP's approach to publishing a breath of fresh air. The whole production process is entirely transparent (and what a relief this is); all the dates, stages, missing pieces etc. etc. are on the company database visible equally to author and production team alike. No more wondering. No more need for phone calls to the publisher which begin, 'didn't we agree that...' All in all, an intelligent system intelligently run by committed professionals: it worksMichael Tobert, author of Cryptogram (Cosmic Egg).

Most of all, I enjoy the responsiveness. If the editors agree to read your manuscript, you can be assured of a response within a month from three experts with specific comments and critiques. That same teamwork and transparency continues throughout the production and marketing processes. I couldn't be happier with my choiceMichael Burnam, author of The Last Stop (Lodestone).

JHP is a straightforward, honest, and helpful publisher for an author. With two books accepted by them and many questions, JHP has always responded very promptly and been extremely helpfulBarbara Tako, author of Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools (O Books) and Clutter Clearing Choices (O Books).

I wholeheartedly recommend Krystina Kellingley as a mentor. After I signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, I elected to work with Krystina on a monthly basis to refine the writing on my young adult science fiction manuscript. Before seeking mentorship, I’d work-shopped my manuscript, had numerous reader critiques, edited and rewrote on my own for years. All of these processes were helpful, but during my time with Krystina I grew faster than any other experience. She perceptively diagnosed issues that made my writing inaccessible to the reader and she offered practical strategies for me to address them. Many of her critiques revealed my ‘blind spots’, problems that I did not notice on my own. I also felt that aside from excelling as a teacher, she took a personal interest in my progress as a writer.  I remain grateful for her wealth of invaluable adviceSarah Bergstrom, author of Desert Dwellers Born By Fire (Lodestone).

Efficient, dispenses with overhead and general nonsense, and empowering for authors. Bernardo Kastrup, author of Brief Peeks Beyond (Iff Books), Why Materialism is Baloney (Iff Books), Rationalist Spirituality (Iff Books), Dreamed Up Reality (Iff Books), Meaning in Absurdity (Iff Books), More Than Allegory (Iff Books).

The John Hunt Publishing system allows for transparent and continuous correspondence with the team responsible for publishing your book. It also offers the author complete engagement with every aspect of book publishing. From the initial manuscript feedback to copyedits and cover design, to endorsements, marketing and sales. Steve Naish, author of U.ESS.AY: Politics and Humanity in American Film (Zero Books).

I've felt incredibly supported from day one; between the extensive, clearly organized website and the responsive Facebook author group, I've always felt in-the-loop and like I'm a valued part of the publishing process, not just a number on their accounting sheetsLaura Perry, author of Ariadne’s Thread (Moon Books).

Moon Books publishes books that are about great ideas. In addition to being my publisher they form a community of caring people who supportand suggest and share information that encourages meDorothy Abrams, author of Identity and the Quartered Circle (Moon Books).

As a first-time author Moon Books made me feel valued, supported and part of what was happening and I still do. Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life (Moon Books).

Being a Moon Books Author is like having another big friendly family! Brendan Howlin, author of Handbook of Urban Druidry (Moon Books).

As the publishing landscape has continued to evolve, I feel so fortunate to be published with John Hunt Publishing. They have managed to maintain a traditional sensibility with an approach that enables the author to participate in all aspects of the process. From the very first day I sent in my proposal, all the way through the manuscript and publicity phases, communication has been clear and professional. The author manual is incredibly helpful and manages to be highly detailed but easy to navigate. Continuously mindful of the challenges authors face today, they are setting the new standard for the future of publishing. I'm honored to work with their wonderful team of dedicated and friendly staffAlicia Garey, author of What a Blip (Soul Rocks).

I felt very lucky to have Krystina Kellingley as my editor and mentor. She is a sensitive and intuitive professional with broad vision and a huge knowledge in creative writing. Krystina is a visionary who has the ability of traveling deeply inside the story as if she were one of the characters. All this ensures a high quality on her workF. T. Camargo, author of Shanti and the Magic Mandala (Lodestone).

Well-organized and highly thorough, John Hunt's Publishing Guide was an indispensable tool for me as an author to answer all my questions during the process of getting my book published. Moshe Daniel Block, author of Breakthrough Healing (Psyche).

The Publishing Guide is comprehensive and easy to understand, which means that I know exactly what to expect at each stage of the process. Cheryl Smith, author of Being Mrs Smith (O Books).

So thankful for John Hunt's comprehensive and well-thought-out Publishing Guide with step-by-step instructions and an intuitive interface. Mariah Mckenzie, author of More (O Books).




How to submit an inquiry

How to complete the proposal

Your Profile/Author Platform

Formatting the proposal

Formatting the manuscript for the proposal

Uploading the manuscript for the proposal

What happens after you submit your proposal?



How to submit an inquiry

If you would like to publish with us, the first step is to make an inquiry. To submit an inquiry visit the submissions page on  our website. Watch the video below for more information. Please also do this if you're a current author submitting an inquiry for a further title. You should get a response in a matter of hours or days, either a "decline" (75% or so are declined at this stage – with apologies. It doesn't mean that it's not a perfectly good book, just that we don't think we can add enough value to the publishing process for you – compared to self-publishing) or an invitation to provide us with a full proposal.  

We recommend that before you complete your proposal that you first check out The Way We Work , in Chapter 1 of the Publishing Guide, and our Contract Terms in Chapter 6. This will ensure a good fit between you and our company. Once you're happy, please fill out all the required items on your Book Details page (see instructions, below). When your proposal is complete, upload the draft manuscript (or however much you have completed) to "Files" in the Proposal Details section (if you have already done this in the original web inquiry it is not necessary to do it again, the file will carry through to the proposal). When this is done, click on the Click here to submit proposal button at the top of the form.

We can not offer a contract on the basis of a synopsis only – we need a minimum of a complete chapter to assess style and level.

How to complete the proposal 

The Book Details page is designed to tell us about your book, while your Profile page will give us a better idea of your "author platform". This information helps us understand what kind of book it is, whether or not it might sell well in the current market, and helps us evaluate its appeal to potential readers.

We also use the information you give us for our sales, marketing, publicity and back-cover copy. We will be editing it, but it helps to have something to work on. So please make sure that all parts of the proposal are completed. Note that you can make changes to this text after a contract is offered, before the manuscript goes into production, if, for example, you decide to change the book description later on. You can make changes to your Profile at any time. But it's a good strategy to make your proposal as polished as possible. If you leave any item blank, this may hurt your chances of getting a contract. The items we'd like you to fill in are:

StraplineDescriptionAudienceMarket PositionMarketing PlanCompeting BooksUnique Selling PointsEstimated SalesAuthor SalesEstimated Word CountOther PublishersEndorsements if applicable; Categories if possible.

For guidance on how to complete each item on the Book Details page, put your cursor over the title, and the word "help" will appear. Click on it for more information. When you have completed the sections relevant to you, please remember to click on the Click here to submit proposal button at the top of the form; we will then be notified and send the book out for review.

Your Profile/Author Platform

You can access your Profile page by clicking "Profile" on the left-hand menu. Your "author platform" defines your reputation and your reach – including your social-media networks. The size of your platform helps us predict the likely sales of your book, which is crucial to awarding a contract. Your author platform consists of:

Your geographic location: Enter the address in your Profile. Where you live impacts the audience you can reach. If you live in New York, you have better marketing reach than if you live in a cave in the Himalayas. If you are well known in other areas, say your birthplace, let us know about it.

How well known you are to your target audience: In Author Full Bio, in Profile, mention any awards or honors, or whether you hold a high-profile job or position that connects you to potential readers.

Your personal and professional networks: Add any institutions, organizations, clubs, informal networks you belong to, and how many people you can reach in each.

Media profile: Have you done TV/radio/print media interviews? Do you have relationships with specific journalists or outlets who would definitely interview you about your book? Are you a blogger or do you manage a website, podcast or internet radio show? Tell us how many people you think you can reach in these ways. 

Social media networks: Please be precise about the number of twitter/FB/Linked-In/Instagram etc. connections that you have – or contacts of yours who have large networks who would help you publicize your book.

Your previous books and how many copies you have sold: This is important for marketing and publicity. It indicates whether bookstore buyers know you and want to order your book.

Formatting the proposal

When completing the proposal, please avoid using ampersands, quotation marks, hyphens and other special punctuation. Avoid non-English characters, such as Greek lettering or French punctuation. You can, however, use italics. Why is this important? Some of the text you provide in the proposal, like the title, your short bio in the Profile, will feed through to our website; other passages along with these will feed through a number of other databases used by bookshops, Amazon, etc. These databases use a restricted set of characters and will turn anything else into gibberish.

Please do not copy and paste information into these fields. It needs typing in from scratch. Copying/pasting results in font changes, odd colors etc. which may not be apparent to the editor, and end up feeding through later to the finished information in the website.

Formatting the manuscript for the proposal

While we accept the proposal manuscript in varous formats, you can only submit the final manuscript for publication in MS Word format. So it will save you time in the end if you submit the proposal manuscript to us in Word.

Uploading the manuscript for the proposal

We will be evaluating your work based on what you upload. Especially if this is your first book with us, make it look as complete and professional as possible. Please submit only one document, not several for different for chapters. We will only consider your book for publication once, so show us your best work. You will diminish your chances of publication (at least of getting it without being asked for a subsidy) if:

  • You provide a draft, not a polished manuscript.
  • You provide sample chapters, not a complete text.
  • Your work contains spelling and grammatical errors. Your work contains unprofessional styles of punctuation or formatting, such as words in ALL CAPS, or too many exclamation marks!!!
  • Your work contains color photos which you insist on keeping (as a general rule, we can only print black and white, though occasionally exceptions are made).
  • Your work contains too many text boxes, charts and complex graphics (these are expensive to format for publishing and increase the cost of producing your book; though again, exceptions are made).

What happens after you submit your proposal?

The publisher receives your proposal and a team of readers are notified for their comments on the proposal and the manuscript. Based on their consensus, our Editorial Manager makes a decision to offer a contract or not. We usually get back to authors within a week or two. See Contract Levels for more information. There is nothing legally binding on either side until contracts are accepted. However, if you have made it through to the proposal stage, it means we are taking your book seriously. We offer contracts to about 50% of the submitted proposals. So please invest your time and energy into completing the form.


  • Keep the information to copy that you would be happy to see circulated – no private notes, comments etc.

  • If the proposal is for an anthology, there is more info on this in Appendix 5.

  • If you are keen on one imprint and only want your manuscript to be published in that imprint, there is a box you can tick to that effect on the submission page, on the website. If you have not ticked that box, we may move your proposal to another imprint if in the publisher's opinion it would fit better there. 

  • Please remember to click on the Click here to submit proposal button at the top of the form when you have completed your proposal.

  • Recommending other publishers: If this business does not sound as if it is for you, or if we turn the proposal down, we can’t help on this. You have a wide choice; there are several hundred significant publishers in the English-language world, 70,000 registered with the main databases, and the number who might publish the occasional book runs to a quarter of a million. The simplest way is to trawl the internet for other possibilities.


  • The Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Rachel Stock. There are dozens of other books on the subject, easily found on the internet.
  • Literary Marketplace in North America,, and The Writers and Artists Yearbook in the UK, buy online at And try the information sheet Getting Published from the Book Trust, There are dozens of other directories, books and online sources. provides a useful summary of “how to get published”-type websites. There’s a useful list of agents on 
  • For where we fit into the industry, there's an infographic prepared in 2104 by The Independent Publishing Magazineif you click here, or go to
  • For an explanation of publishing language when dealing with authors, try Little white lies; 
  • For a humorous look at how not to approach the business of writing and getting published, try

"At any one time there could be a million manuscripts floating around London agencies. Only one or two thousand new fiction titles are published every year" (by the major publishers); Editor-in-chief of The Bookseller.


Widely scattered around the world, there are around forty people in the business working in editorial, design, sales, marketing and PR – the core pictured below. Each has access to an extensive database which tracks every bit of information on every title, from contract through editorial, design, production, marketing, sales and royalties. Everyone in the business has access to the same information, and works through forums. Our main admin office is in the UK. The fastest growing imprint (Zero Books) is run from Oregon, USA. Other imprints are run from the UK, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Most people here, including the publishers and the MD, started off with us as authors, and migrated into getting more involved with the business. More people are added as the business grows. It is capable of indefinite extension, without increasing the central cost base. We look forward to working with new people. In addition to the core team below we have a couple of dozoen other editors, proofreaders, designers, and sales reps.


Row 1, L to R: Sarah-Beth Watkins, Tracy Stewart, Lisa von Fircks, Janice Stratton, Studio Republic.

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth is the Publisher of Chronos Books, JHP’s rapidly expanding History imprint. Growing up in Richmond, Surrey, Sarah-Beth began soaking up history from an early age. Her history books are Ireland's Suffragettes (The History Press), and in Chronos Books Lady Katherine Knollys: The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII, The Tudor Brandons, Catherine of Braganza, Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots, and the forthcoming Anne of Cleves.  She lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

Tracy Stewart

An experienced creative and commercial writer, market developer and natural networker, Tracy looks after the Fiction and Young Adult imprints for JHP. She lives in Noth, France.

Lisa von Fircks

Lisa works on our foreign rights. Her publishing career began in the sales force at Wiley, in the then-pioneering field of ‘special sales', as well as traditional selling to retailers and securing textbook adoptions. She later worked on international co-editions of children’s illustrated pop-up books and went on to become Rights & E-business Manager at Kogan Page. Most recently she was Senior Commissioning Editor of Finance at Macmillan. Lisa qualified as a Reiki healer in 2000. Outside of JHP and her other freelance publishing work, she is a Ceremonies Registrar.

Dominic James

Dominic is Managing Director, overseeing the day-to-day operation of the business. He started with JHP as a copyeditor/proofreader in 2010, and over the years has been involved in most areas of the company including marketing, sales, distribution and running editorial. He is also the author of The Reiki Man Trilogy. He lives near Oxford, England.

Studio Republic
Studio Republic develop our site and the JHP internal systems. What began in a spare room in 2003 as a digital freelance resource for local agencies, has blossomed into one of the South Coast's leading digital agencies. Over the years, Studio Republic had the privilege of working with a huge range of clients. The diversity of our clients ranges from start-ups through to international brands. Our ethos ensures that we continue to work with like-minded individuals who share our values and ethics.

Row 2, L to R: Ben Craib, Maria Moloney, Nimue Brown, Doug Lain, Tim Ward.

Ben Craib

Ben is an integral part of the JHP PR team, running our Marketing & Publicity Department, including Extra Services, NetGalley account, as well as providing images for the Author Guide. He has a background in creative writing and loves communicating and helping others get their voice heard. As well as working for John Hunt Publishing, he looks after the online presence of Raphael's Ephemeris and works with Kdot media helping Mind/Body/Spirit authors grow their social presence. He lives in Brighton, England.

Maria Moloney

Maria Moloney Wilbrink has worked for John Hunt Publishing since 2008 and is Publisher of Our Street, Dodona and Lodestone Books. She is the author of five MBS books, and a children’s novel (and has contributed to several others), edited two magazines, and has many articles published in popular MBS magazines. Over several years she has guest lectured at a UK university, travelled internationally to give talks and workshops, and taught creative writing. She has an honours degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. Maria lives in the United Kingdom.

Nimue Brown

Nimue is a Moon Books author with a passion for supporting other authors. A year as a press officer, and marketing experience with previous houses and projects give her a basis for the ever-evolving task of getting books in front of people. She works on promoting Moon Books titles. Nimue is an adept at the arcane art of social networking, and a well-established blogger. She lives in Stroud, England.

Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain is the publisher of Zero Books. Based in Portland, Oregon he is also a writer whose books include the absurdist science-fiction novel After the Saucers Landed from Night Shade Books and the magical realist novel Billy Moon from Tor Books. He also writes nonfiction and is an occasional blogger for Thought Catalog and The Partially Examined Life. Lain was the host of the philosophy podcast "Diet Soap" from 2009 through 2014 and is now the host of Zero Squared for Zero Books. He lives in Portland, USA.

Tim Ward

Tim is the publisher of the Changemakers imprint. He is the author of seven books, including the bestselling What the Buddha Never Taught and Savage Breast: One Man’s Search for the Goddess. His travel stories have appeared in 13 anthologies, including Traveler’s Tales Best Travel Writing 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He also co-owns Intermedia Communications Training with Teresa Erickson, his wife and business partner. They live in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Row 3, L to RDaniela Norris, Gavin Davies, John Hunt, Stuart Davies, Trevor Greenfield.

Daniela Norris

Daniela is a former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and speaker. She is the author of four books of non-fiction and short stories, and lives with her family in Cornwall, UK. After having published three titles with John Hunt Publishing, she has now joined the JHP team, focusing on literary awards. She lives in Grilly, France.

Gavin Davies
Gavin is publisher of 6th Books. G.L. Davies is the author of the bestselling A Most Haunted House. He is the founder of the popular webcast The Paranormal Chronicles Network on YouTube, presenting shows with Dave Dominguez on a number of Paranormal subjects. His new book, Haunted: Horror of Haverfordwest is out now.

John Hunt

Semi-retired, John works mainly in an advisory capacity in his eponymous company, providing reader reports and a wealth of industry experience. After getting a Double First in English at Oxford University he worked in a couple of large publishing companies, and set up his own business in 1998, in international co-editions. He has been creating radical ways of working at JHP to enable publishers and authors from around the world to work effectively together, and establishing new lists since 2003, with the launch of O Books. He wrote one of the first titles in the list, Bringing God Back to Earth, to figure out how paperback publishing works, and has recently started in fiction, with The Alaskan Chronicles. He lives in Hampshire, England.

Stuart Davies

Stuart is responsible for the text design of all books across the JHP imprints. As a successful commercial artist and photographer, Stuart has designed thousands of books and was Design Editor of County Life magazine for twelve years and Art Director of Geographical magazine for two years. He is also a tonal impressionistic landscape artist. You can see his emotive and masterful work on Facebook, at Stuart Davies Artist. He lives near Bordeaux, France.

Trevor Greenfield

Trevor is publisher for the Moon Books imprint. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Sussex and Southampton. He is a published author (An Introduction to Radical Theology) and he lives in West Sussex.

Mary Flatt

Mary is the Print Manager. She was a botanist and previously worked for various conservation organizations. She is married with two girls, and they live in Hampshire, England..

Row 4, L to RKrystina Kellingley,  Maria Barry, Bernardo Kastrup, Andrew Wells, Beccy Conway.

Krystina Kellingley

Krystina Kellingley is publisher of imprints Axis Mundi, Cosmic Egg and Compass Books. She is a reader, copyeditor and proofreader for John Hunt Publishing, and also heads our Extra Editorial Services department. Krystina has a First Class degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. She is the author of Mistflower the Loneliest Mouse, a children’s novel, and has had several short stories published as well as online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. Krystina travels internationally to tutor in writing workshops as well as privately mentoring new writers of adult and children’s fiction. She is currently working on an adult supernatural fiction novel. She lives in Lancashire, in the north of England. 

Maria Barry

Maria is our senior publicist and a publisher for O-Books and many of our Mind, Body and Spirit imprints. She started work for John Hunt Publishing in 1999, bringing extensive database marketing knowledge that made her instrumental in building the Contacts database. Maria has experience working on titles in all genres. Her particular speciality is in MBS and alternative health, as this is where her own personal interests lie, but she also feels comfortable with world religions, philosophy, fiction and social/animal activism. She lives in France.

Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo is publisher of Iff Books. he  has a Ph.D. in computer engineering with specializations in artificial intelligence and reconfigurable computing. He has worked as a scientist in some of the world's foremost research laboratories, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the "Casimir Effect" of Quantum Field Theory was discovered). Bernardo has authored many academic papers and books on philosophy and science.

Andrew Wells

Andrew is our Editorial Coordinator. Andrew Wells is the founding editor of HVTN Press and Assistant Editor at the Interpreter's House. He is based just outside of London, having recently graduated from UEA's English Literature with Creative Writing BA. He has reviewed for Glasgow Review of Books and his essay 'Waiting for Goals' is forthcoming with Fanzine. His poetry has appeared in The Interpreter's House, 3:AM Magazine, Lighthouse, Bare Fiction, and Sharkpack 2014-2017​, among others. Andrew's first pamphlet was J/W/U  (PYRAMID Editions, 2016). He has read for the Enemies Project, as part of the 'North by North West Poetry Tour', and Drawing Breath​.

Beccy Conway

Beccy oversees the editing and distribution of new John Hunt Publishing title information, as well as assisting authors with queries related to book availability and sales. She has an MA Creative Writing from the University of Chichester, and one day she will get that YA novel finished. She lives in Hampshire.

Row 5, L to R: Emma Gray, Janice Stratton,  Mary Flatt, Brian Mountford, Nick Welch.

Janice Stratton

Janice is a chartered accountant and lives in Hampshire with her husband and two daughters. After qualifying with a large City firm she worked for the AA as management accountant for their publishing division. She then spent fourteen years as the financial controller for a travel company and has now returned to the world of publishing. She is a keen tennis player, cyclist and traveller.

Brian Mountford

Brian is publisher for Christian Alternative. Interested in the clash between religious faith and the atheist/agnostic critique, Brian Mountford has worked in Oxford for 30 years. He is a Fellow of St Hilda's College and an established speaker on contemporary religious issues, leadership, and in 2018 will be acting Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Brian has also taken on the role of Publisher at Large for John Hunt Publishing's imprint 'Christian Alternative'.

Emma Gray

Emma runs her own marketing and communication business from rural France. She is publicist for Our Street Books and works regularly on Mind, Body & Spirit titles, concentrating her efforts on increasing readership of JHP's books and engaging audiences via popular social media platforms. She lives in France.

Nick Welch

Nick designs amazing covers across the JHP imprints. He is an award-winning graphic designer with over 25 years' experience in the publishing industry. He has worked in both the US and the UK for major book publishers and design agencies. He lives in Bath, England.

Your Publishing Team

On your "Publishing Team" page you will see a number of people allocated to your book, when it goes into production – on copyediting, proofreading, marketing, publicity, admin, cover design, text design, publishing management, etc.

Sometimes there is more than one on each, sometimes roles overlap. It varies around the imprints. All of these individuals are notified at various points in the schedule to contribute to the book. You can find the personnel of our independent sales teams listed here.

Some imprints are grouped into "clusters", on the website, for ease of marketing so that stores, readers, etc, aren't contacted by too many people. These are run by "Publishing Managers". If you see a blank space by Publishing Manager, it doesn't mean the imprint doesn't have one. 

The large majority of everyone involved here, around five out of six, started with us as authors, and have gravitated through the business, over the years, to take on other work.


Imprint Publisher Cluster Publishing Manager Publicist (s)
Compass Books Krystina Kellingley Books for Writers Krystina Kellingley Sarah-Beth Watkins
Our Street Books Maria Moloney Children & Young Adult Emma Gray Emma Gray
Lodestone Books Maria Moloney Children & Young Adult Emma Gray Emma Gray
Christian Alternative Brian Mountford Christianity Maria Barry Maria Barry, Daniela Norris
Circle Books Dominic James Christianity Maria Barry Maria Barry, Daniela Norris
Zero Books Doug Lain Culture and Politics Doug Lain Doug Lain
Cosmic Egg Books Krystina Kellingley Fiction Tracy Stewart Tracy Stewart
Roundfire Dominic James Fiction Tracy Stewart Tracy Stewart
Top Hat Books Tracy Stewart Fiction Tracy Stewart Tracy Stewart
Chronos Books Sarah-Beth Watkins History Sarah-Beth Watkins Sarah-Beth Watkins
6th Books Gavin Davies Gavin Davies Gavin Davies Gavin Davies
Axis Mundi Books Krystina Kellingley Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Ayni Books Maria Barry Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Dodona Books Maria Moloney Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Mantra Books Maria Barry Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
O-Books Maria Barry Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Psyche Books Maria Barry Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Soul Rocks Dominic James Mind, Body, Spirit Maria Barry Maria Barry Daniela Norris
Business Books Dominic James Non-Fiction Sarah-Beth Watkins Sarah-Beth Watkins
Earth Books Dominic James Non-Fiction Sarah-Beth Watkins Maria Barry
Iff Books Bernardo Kastrup Non-Fiction Sarah-Beth Watkins Maria Barry
Liberalis Dominic James Non-Fiction Sarah-Beth Watkins Maria Barry
Moon Books Trevor Greenfield Paganism Trevor Greenfield Trevor Greenfield, Nimue Brown
Changemakers Books Tim Ward Transformation Tim Ward Maria Barry
Central Management        
Dominic James   Managing Director    
Andrew Wells   Editorial Coordinator    
Stuart Davies   Text design    
Nick Welch   Cover design    
Studio Republic   Software/IT    
Janice Stratton   Financial Manager    
Ben Craib   Marketing And Publicity Manager    
Beccy Conway   Sales Co-ordinator    
Mary Flatt   Print Manager    
Lisa Von Fircks   Rights    
Daniela Norris   Awards    
Beccy Conway   Events    
Maria Barry   Contacts Database    
Author Services        
Krystina Kellingley   Editorial    
Ben Craib   Extra Publicity    


Below is our publishing timeline in more detail:


a. Inquiry submitted.

b. Declined, or moved to Proposal.

c. Proposal Submitted.

d. Proposal Out For Review. Several Reader Reports.

e. Declined, or Contract offered.

Usual timeframe: 2 weeks.


a. Manuscript uploaded onto Production page by author.

b. Copyediting (or heavy edit/writing advice* if that option has been taken).

c. Copyedit returned to author for approval (last opportunity to add Endorsements and last chance for changes); final check on Profile, Description, Keywords, Categories.

d. Interior design and draft front cover.

e. Proofreading.

f. Full cover (can’t be started until interior design and hence page-length is finalized).

g. Final cover and interior files.

For more information see WORKFLOW SECTIONS.

Usual timeframe: 3 months.


Material for Marketing page prepared – Edited Description, AI/tipsheet, press release prepared (not for every title, depends on the book, publisher and the publicist) – this can’t be started until the final cover and interior files are finalized and locked.

Usual timeframe: 2 weeks.


a. Info sent to the trade and sales reps.

b. Book appears on JHP/imprint website. Your book will appear on our website within four to six weeks of the publication date being set. If it does not, please contact Beccy Conway via the Author Forum, SALES & DISTRIBUTION: OTHER QUERIES.

c. Info to trade journals (they work 6-10 months ahead).

d. Selected titles sent to NBN catalogues (they work 6-10 months ahead).

e. Author free copies printed.

Usual timeframe: 2.5 months.


a. Books available for pre-order from trade and online, worldwide (for copies for personal use, see ORDERING).

b. Reps start selling (chain buyers work 6+ months ahead).

c. Marketing activities get into full flow (particularly signing sessions which can take time to arrange – major stores can be booked 6-12 months ahead).

d. If you have requested it, paid-for PR* will start here; publicist in contact with author and enters plan on Marketing page.

Usual timeframe: 4 months.

Throughout the process: we encourage engagement with our Author and Reader FB pages, and building your social media contacts and your overall “platform”.


a. 3 months before publication – Standard PR starts, publicist enters plan on Marketing page.

b. 2 months before publication – books in warehouses (see ORDERING).

c. 1 month before publication – ebook distributed and available for pre-order.

Usual timeframe: 3 months.



a. Sales are added to the Financial page a month in arrears.

b. Three-month review – see Marketing/Introduction.

c. ebook promotions, dependent on number of good Amazon reviews.

d. Every time a book reaches another 500 copies more PR is triggered – see Marketing/Introduction.

*payment from author involved