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Widely scattered around the world, there are around forty people in the business working in editorial, design, sales, marketing and PR the core pictured below. Each has access to an extensive database which tracks every bit of information on every title, from contract through editorial, design, production, marketing, sales and royalties. Everyone in the business has access to the same information, and works through forums. Our main admin office is in the UK. The fastest growing imprint (Zer0 Books) is run from Oregon, USA. Other imprints are run from the UK, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Most people here, including the publishers and the MD, started off with us as authors, and migrated into getting more involved with the business. More people are added as the business grows. It is capable of indefinite extension, without increasing the central cost base. We look forward to working with new people. In addition to the core team below, we have a couple of dozen other editors, proofreaders, designers, and sales reps.

Row 1, L to R: Charlotte Edwards, Tasha Beckett, Ben Blundell, Gavin Davies,

Row 2, L to R: Stuart Davies, Lisa von Fircks, Mary Flatt, Trevor Greenfield.

Row 3, L to R John Hunt, Dominic James, Bernardo Kastrup, Krystina Kellingley.

Row 4, L to R: Doug Lain, Maria Moloney, Brian Mountford, Daniela Norris.

Row 5, L to R: Simon Murells, Zoe Thursby-Pelham, Chris Todhunter, Steve Wagstaff.

Row 6, L to R: Tim Ward, Sarah-Beth Watkins, Nick Welch.

Charlotte Edwards

Former Deputy Editor, Senior Editor and Senior Sub Editor, Charlotte is a freelancer and author who specializes in Mind, Body Spirit topics, the paranormal and real life. She lives in Kent in the South of England and is currently working on a second non-fiction book. She has two History degrees and is presently studying for an Open University degree in Social Psychology.

Dan Benham

Experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design and tech industry. Skilled in branding, identity and strategy. Proud fellow of The RSA. Digital Strategist at Studio Republic.

Ben Blundell

Ben is a publicist based in South West Wales and has worked in Sales and Marketing for 6 years. He has a keen interest in social media and is always looking for new ways to bring our authors and their books to mainstream audiences.

Gavin Davies

Pembrokeshire based Gavin Davies has worked in sales, marketing, and advertising for 25 years. He won the title of Britain's Top Salesperson in 2008 and has taught sales techniques and sales psychology to some of Europe's leading companies. He is a published author with several bestselling titles (as G L Davies). He has received fantastic feedback on his commitment, energy and pursuit of delivering fantastic work on purchased Extra PR service packages and he prides himself on his determination and energy to support authors to make their writing dreams come true.

Stuart Davies

Stuart is responsible for the text design of all books across the JHP imprints. As a successful commercial artist and photographer, Stuart has designed thousands of books and was Design Editor of County Life magazine for twelve years and Art Director of Geographical magazine for two years. He is also a tonal impressionistic landscape artist, and the author of Saxon (Roundfire Books). You can see his emotive and masterful work on Facebook, at Stuart Davies Artist. He lives near Bordeaux, France.

Lisa von Fircks

Lisa works on our foreign rights. Her publishing career began in the sales force at Wiley, in the then-pioneering field of ‘special sales', as well as traditional selling to retailers and securing textbook adoptions. She later worked on international co-editions of children’s illustrated pop-up books and went on to become Rights & E-business Manager at Kogan Page. Most recently she was Senior Commissioning Editor of Finance at Macmillan. Lisa qualified as a Reiki healer in 2000. Outside of JHP and her other freelance publishing work, she is a Ceremonies Registrar.

Mary Flatt

Mary is the Print Manager. She was a botanist and previously worked for various conservation organizations. She is married with two girls, and they live in Hampshire, England.

Trevor Greenfield

Trevor is publisher for the Moon Books imprint. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Sussex and Southampton. He is the author of An Introduction to Radical Theology (Christian Alternative), Mindful Soul, Mindful Living (O Books), and over 20 titles published by Moon Books - too many to list here. He lives in West Sussex.

John Hunt

Semi-retired, John works mainly in an advisory capacity in his eponymous company, providing reader reports and a wealth of industry experience. After getting a Double First in English at Oxford University he worked in a couple of large publishing companies, and set up his own business in 1998, in international co-editions. He has been creating radical ways of working at JHP to enable publishers and authors from around the world to work effectively together, and establishing new lists since 2003, with the launch of O Books. He wrote one of the first titles in the list, Bringing God Back to Earth, to figure out how non-fiction paperback publishing works, and has recently tried the same in fiction, with The Alaskan Chronicles. He lives in Hampshire, England.

Dominic James

Dominic is the Managing Director, overseeing the day-to-day operation of the business. He started with JHP as a copyeditor/proofreader in 2010, and over the years has been involved in most areas of the company including marketing, sales, distribution and running editorial. He is also the author of The Reiki Man Trilogy (Roundfire Books). He lives near Oxford, England.

Bernardo Kastrup

Bernardo is the publisher of Iff Books. He has a Ph.D. in computer engineering with specializations in artificial intelligence and reconfigurable computing, and he has worked as a scientist in some of the world's foremost research laboratories, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Philips Research Laboratories (where the "Casimir Effect" of Quantum Field Theory was discovered). Bernardo has authored many academic papers and books on philosophy and science, including The Idea Of The World, Why Materialism Is Baloney, Brief Peeks Beyond, Dreamed Up Reality, Meaning In Absurdity, More Than Allegory and Rationalist Spirituality (all published by Iff Books). .

Krystina Kellingley

Krystina Kellingley is publisher of imprints Axis Mundi and Compass Books. She is a reader, copyeditor and proofreader for John Hunt Publishing, and also heads our Extra Editorial Services department. Krystina has a First Class degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. She is the author of Mistflower the Loneliest Mouse, a children’s novel published by Our Street, and has had several short stories published as well as online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. Krystina travels internationally to tutor in writing workshops as well as privately mentoring new writers of adult and children’s fiction. She is currently working on an adult supernatural fiction novel. She lives in Lancashire, in the north of England.

Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain is the publisher of Zero Books. Based in Portland, Oregon he is also a writer whose books include the absurdist science-fiction novel After the Saucers Landed from Night Shade Books and the magical realist novel Billy Moon from Tor Books. He also writes nonfiction and is an occasional blogger for Thought Catalog and The Partially Examined Life. Lain was the host of the philosophy podcast "Diet Soap" from 2009 through 2014 and is now the host of Zero Squared for Zero Books. He lives in Portland, USA.

Maria Moloney

Maria Moloney Wilbrink has worked for John Hunt Publishing since 2008 and is Publisher of Our Street, Dodona and Lodestone Books. She is the author of five MBS books (all published by JHP), and a children’s novel (and has contributed to several others), edited two magazines, and has many articles published in popular MBS magazines. Over several years she has guest lectured at a UK university, travelled internationally to give talks and workshops, and taught creative writing. She has an honours degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. Maria lives in the United Kingdom.

Brian Mountford

Brian is publisher-at-large for Christian Alternative. Interested in the clash between religious faith and the atheist/agnostic critique, Brian Mountford worked in Oxford for 30 years as Vicar of the University Church. He is a Fellow of St Hilda's College, acting Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, and an established speaker on contemporary religious issues and leadership. He is the author of Friday's Child, Christian Atheist and Perfect Freedom (Christian Alternative), Christianity In 10 Minutes and Happiness In 10 Minutes (O Books).

Daniela Norris

Daniela is a former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and speaker. She is the author of two non-fiction titles; Collecting Feathers and On Dragonfly Wings (Axis Mundi Books), two fiction; Recognitions and Preomonitions (Roundfire Books), and has a non-fiction title coming up on fencing - From First To Last. She lives with her family in Cornwall, UK, and focuses on literary awards.

Simon Murrels

Director at Accountancy Solutions. Simon has provided JHP with practical, bespoke support helping us modernise and streamline our accounting processes.

Chris Todhunter

Founder and technical director of Studio Republic, a sustainable creative agency. 20+ years of experience in the design and print industry. What began in a spare room in 2003 as a digital freelance resource for local agencies, has blossomed into one of the UK South Coast's leading digital agencies. Over the years, they've worked with a big range of clients, including international brands, focusing on ethically minded businesses, charities, and non-profit organisations. "We're both more interested in the work we do than the bottom line, so hopefully we're a good fit".

Steve Wagstaff

Steve is responsible for assisting with all things 'Sales & Distribution'. He spent the previous 26 years of his working life in the corporate entertainment industry as Operations Director for a busy adrenaline activity provider. While he split his time between sales & marketing, staff development, and customer service, his overarching priority was always the bottom line. In his downtime, he travels the country (and sometimes the World) drumming for a Guns 'n' Roses tribute band, and when time allows, he is a keen golfer. He lives with his family in Oxfordshire, UK.

Tim Ward

Tim is the publisher of the Changemakers imprint. He is the author of seven books in that imprint, including the bestselling What the Buddha Never Taught and Savage Breast: One Man’s Search for the Goddess. His travel stories have appeared in 13 anthologies, including Traveler’s Tales Best Travel Writing 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He also co-owns Intermedia Communications Training with Teresa Erickson, his wife and business partner. They live in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah-Beth is the Publisher of Chronos Books, JHP’s rapidly expanding History imprint. Growing up in Richmond, Surrey, Sarah-Beth began soaking up history from an early age. Her history books are Ireland's Suffragettes (The History Press), and in Chronos Books Lady Katherine Knollys: The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII, The Tudor Brandons, Catherine of Braganza, Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots, Anne of Cleves, The Tragic Daughters of Charles 1, and Sir Francis Bryan (all published in Chronos Books). She has also published Life Coaching For Writers, The Lifestyle Writer, Telling Life's Tales and The Writer's Internet (all Compass Books), and lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

Nick Welch

Nick designs amazing covers across the JHP imprints. He is an award-winning graphic designer with over 25 years' experience in the publishing industry. He has worked in both the US and the UK for major book publishers and design agencies. He lives in Bath, England. But as far as we know, he hasn't tried writing a book.

Your Publishing Team

On your "Publishing Team" page you will see a number of people allocated to your book, when it goes into production – on copyediting, proofreading, marketing, publicity, admin, cover design, text design, publishing management, etc.

Sometimes there is more than one on each; sometimes roles overlap. It varies around the imprints. All of these individuals are notified at various points in the schedule to contribute to the book. You can find the personnel of our independent sales teams listed here.

Some imprints are grouped into "clusters" on the website, for ease of marketing and so that stores, readers, etc, aren't contacted by too many people. These are run by "Publishing Managers". If you see a blank space by Publishing Manager, it doesn't mean the imprint doesn't have one.

The large majority of everyone involved here, around five out of six, started with us as authors, and have gravitated through the business, over the years, to take on other work.

Imprint Publisher Cluster Publicist (s)
Compass Books Krystina Kellingley Books for Writers Gavin Davies
Our Street Books Maria Moloney Children & Young Adult Gavin Davies
Lodestone Books Maria Moloney Children & Young Adult Gavin Davies
Christian Alternative Brian Mountford Christianity Gavin Davies
Circle Books Trevor Greenfield Christianity Gavin Davies
Zero Books Doug Lain Culture and Politics Doug Lain
Cosmic Egg Books Krystina Kellingley Fiction Gavin Davies
Roundfire Dominic James Fiction Gavin Davies
Top Hat Books Dominic James Fiction Gavin Davies
Chronos Books Sarah-Beth Watkins History Sarah-Beth Watkins
6th Books Gavin Davies Gavin Davies Gavin Davies
Axis Mundi Books Krystina Kellingley Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Ayni Books Gavin Davies
Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Dodona Books Maria Moloney Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Mantra Books Gavin Davies
Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
O-Books Gavin Davies
Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Psyche Books Gavin Davies
Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Soul Rocks Dominic James Mind, Body, Spirit Gavin Davies
Business Books Dominic James Non-Fiction Gavin Davies
Earth Books Dominic James Non-Fiction Gavin Davies
Iff Books Bernardo Kastrup Non-Fiction Gavin Davies
Liberalis Dominic James Non-Fiction Gavin Davies
Moon Books Trevor Greenfield Paganism Trevor Greenfield,
Changemakers Books Tim Ward Transformation Gavin Davies
Central Management
Dominic James Managing Director
Gavin Davies Marketing Manager
Simon Murrells Financial Manager
Steve Wagstaff Sales Coordinator
Mary Flatt Print Coordinator
Andrew Wells Editorial Coordinator
Lisa von Fircks Rights
Daniela Norris Awards
Zoe Thursby-Pelham Admin Assistant
Author Services
Krystina Kellingley Editorial
Gavin Davies Extra Publicity