Other Communions of Jesus

Other Communions of Jesus

Other Communions of Jesus

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Feb 16, 2006

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Sep 30, 2011

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John Henson
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Anthropology, Christology


In this book John Henson suggests that by basing our practice and understanding of "communion" on the event of the Last Supper we have ignored those other occasions when Jesus ate and drank with the people of his day, with the result that we have reversed the intentions of Jesus. Instead of the meal being an invitation to inclusion, the churches have used it as a means of exclusion; instead of the "beanfeast of the Kingdom" it has become a gathering around the cenotaph.

In these studies Christians are challenged to return to the mind of Jesus by allowing all the evidence of the gospels to be put into the balance. Although the author's prime purpose is devotional, there are revolutionary implications. Should the churches take the contents of this book seriously, communion will never be the same again.

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