Servants of the Grail

Servants of the Grail

Servants of the Grail

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Jan 24, 2009

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Philip Coppens
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Anthropology (general), History, Middle east (general)


This book reveals the true facts behind Dan Brown's Grail (an account of events occurring between 1104 and 1137). This is the first book to identify both the historical figures on which the protagonists of the Grail story is based and the identity of the Grail itself. Using recent academic research, the author has been able to identify that - the characters in the Grail account, Anfortas, Lohengrin and Perceval, are real people - materially the Grail is a foundation stone, similar to ones found in Mecca and Jerusalem. - the story of the Grail is also based on the fourth Hermetic treatise, known as The Cup, and is a Western European rendering of a pre-Christian Graeco-Egyptian religious story on how to live a pious and meaningful life. This book brings to life the Grail, its history and those who have served it. Unlike others it proves the truth of facts in the Grail story, and moves the debate into new territory. Philip Coppens, who lives in Scotland, worked as an investigative journalist, specializing in politics and intelligence.

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