Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is a socialist, writer, teacher and neurotic. He writes regular columns for the Guardian and occasional pieces for other publications, and is the author of 'Against Austerity: How We Can Fix The Crisis They Made' (Pluto, 2014).

Previous books include 'The Liberal Defence of Murder' (Verso, 2008), 'The Meaning of David Cameron' (Zero, 2010), and 'American Insurgents', 'Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens' (Verso, 2012).

He contributed to 'Christopher Hitchens and his Critics', 'The Ashgate Research Companion to Political Violence', 'On Utoya: Anders Breivik, Right Terror, Islamophobia and Europe', and 'Race and Racism in International Relations: Confronting the Global Colour Line'.

He was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland in 1977, and grew up in Protestant squalor and small town idiocy. He has lived in London since 1996, and in 2014 is researching a PhD in sociology at the London School of Economics.

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