Nadim Bakhshov

Nadim Bakhshov

Nadim Bakhshov has taken just under thirty years to develop a new category and field of mathematics that overturns the conceptual prejudices of the past four hundred years.

He is a member of the museum of thought collective, an imaginal archaeology group specialising in unearthing historical conceptual artefacts. With the support of John Thoreau, George R Wells, Freddy Faust and Jacques Derivative he has developed the first sketches of an ontological skeleton to ground a radical human science and education system.

He co-founded, in the 1990s, a radical post-conceptual art movement with the Argentine 'pataphysician, Kurt César. In its short lived existence this movement gave birth to the political art of the Oltraconceptualistas. He is currently collaborating with Kurt César on a book culled from the art movement, illustrating the 'varieties of the human soul'.

Videos exploring the philosophical work, Shovian Art, can be found at:

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He is currently working on a forthcoming application of an 'alien metaphysics' through the support of the Borges Library, Athenaeum House. He intends to generate a series of humanity reports through this work.

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