Gary Blank

Gary Blank

Gary Blank is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of International History at the London School of Economics (LSE), His current dissertation research focuses on the international history of the Nigerian Civil War (1967-70), with particular emphasis on the transnational anti-imperialist and humanitarian campaigns that emerged in reaction to the conflict.

He hold a Master's degree in international history from the LSE and a Master's degree in political science from York University (Toronto). He has also completed two years of PhD study in political science at York, achieving "All But Dissertation" (ABD) status. He continues to research the experience of Chinese market reforms and the theory of socialist/capitalist transition.

Although I have not previously published any books, I have published scholarly articles examining the relationship between Marxism and feminism (in New Proposals); the Marxist theory of transition to feudalism (in Science and Society); and British foreign policy in Africa..

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