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    What are Marketing Activities?

    Marketing Activities are the way we record your marketing. Both you and your publicist are expected to use them to record the work you do.

    Accurate, up-to-date Marketing Activities help make your book a success:

    • Sales Reps look at them before they pitch your book.
    • They are a vital channel of communication between you and your publicist.
    • Our Print Manager uses them to estimate how many books to print.
    • They provide the data to improve our systems for the future.

    The 10 Marketing Activity types

    1. Advertising
    2. Article/Extract
    3. Award Submission
    4. Email/Press Release
    5. Event/Signing
    6. Foreign Rights
    7. Interview
    8. Promotional Material
    9. Reader Offer/Giveaway
    10. Review Copy

    The 4 Statuses

    1. Offered: The initial approach.
    2. Requested: The contact responds positively.
    3. Arranged/sent: The event is arranged/the materials are sent.
    4. Completed/printed: The event has taken place/article has been published/award has been given, etc.

    How to add a Marketing Activity

    There are two ways of adding a Marketing Activity:
    - Via the Marketing page of your book
    - Via the Contacts database

    How to add a Marketing Activity via your Marketing page

    • Navigate to Marketing Activities on your book’s page.
    • Click +add an activity.
    • Record: Type; Status; Notes & Comments; Link to the relevant Contact.
    • Click Save.

    If you can’t find the contact you need, you will have to add them to the database.

    How to add a Marketing Activity via the Contacts Database

    • Search for the Contact relevant to the activity.
    • Open their record.
    • Click on Marketing History.
    • Click on +add activities.
    • Record: Activity Type; Notes; Status.

    If you can’t find the contact you need, you will have to ad them to the database

    If there are a lot of Marketing Activities recorded for your book, you can filter the list by Activity Type and Status.

    Help! I am too busy to keep accurate records here. What should I do?

    To save time:

    • Only record activities when they are completed,
    • Only add the most important activities.
    • Ask yourself, would I like the Sales Reps to know that this is happening? Would this contact be useful to my publicist and other authors in the future?


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