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What are marketing activities?

Marketing Activities are how authors and publicists (and other JHP staff) keep track of the marketing work on your book.

Why are marketing activities useful?

  • You can glance at the Marketing Activities on your Marketing Page to get a picture of the marketing done for your book.
  • We use them to create reports for our Sales Reps – the more they know about the PR done for a book, the better chance they have of selling it to bookstores.
  • We share the marketing you do on our social networks and newsletters.
  • We have a record for the future months and years, so future PR work doesn’t overlap with work already done.
  • They help us estimate how many books to print and keep in stock. If we see your book is being actively promoted in your local bookshops, on internet radio and in magazines, it will affect our orders.
  • They provide a record as to what works, helping authors and publicists work more successfully in the future.

Therefore, it’s important that Marketing Activities are kept up to date. Completing them sends automatic notifications to authors and publicists and other relevant people. They are a vital communication tool and the heart of our online database.

The different types of marketing activities

When you add an activity, you assign it a type.

Marketing Activity statuses

When you add an activity, you record the date you did so and allocate it a status:

  • Offered: This is when you have approached someone about something (e.g. offered a Review Copy, sent a Press Release, or pitched an Article) and have not yet heard back.
  • Requested: This is when the Contact responds, asking for something you have offered, or if they ask out of the blue. We send a notification to the office when a Review Copy is requested.
  • Arranged/sent: This is when an Article or Review Copy has been submitted or an event has been scheduled. NOTE: Submitting an Article, or sending a Review Copy does not guarantee the Article or Review being published. We send out notifications to the Publishing Team when Events and Reader Offers are arranged.
  • Completed/printed: This is when the Marketing Activity has happened and ended, or when it's guaranteed to be happening, in which case, it's helpful to have the information as early as possible. We send out notifications to the Publishing Team when a Marketing Activity is completed.

A Marketing Activity needs to be attached to a Contact. Check to see your Contact is on the system before you add the activity.

Video: How to add a Marketing Activity

There are two ways of adding a Marketing Activity:

  • Via the Marketing page of your book
  • Via the Contacts database

How to add a Marketing Activity via the Marketing Page

Navigate to Marketing Activities on your book’s page.

Click Add An Activity.

Select the type of activity.

Add any important notes. For instance, if a magazine has said they would like to publish an article you wrote in their June issue, you can record that here.

Select the status of the activity.

Search for the Contact relevant to the activity.

Save the activity.

How to ask for a hard copy review copy

If you want the office to send a hard copy of your book somewhere, there is a special system for this.

  • Set the activity status to Requested. This ensures the office get a notification asking them to send the copy out
  • Make a note in the Notes box – **Hard Copy Please**
  • If the correct address is not the same as in the Contact, then add it in the Notes section

How to search and filter Marketing Activities

If there are a lot of Marketing Activities recorded for your book, and you only want to look at a certain type of activity (e.g. Review Copies that have been sent out), then you can filter the list by Activity Type and Status.

How to add a Marketing Activity via the Contacts Database

Find the contact you need and navigate to their record.

Click on Marketing History.

Click on Add Activities.

Select the Activity Type, Notes, and add a date to the relevant Status.

Search for your book by adding the title and clicking Search.

Select your book and Save Activity.

Use your judgement and discretion when adding activities. The better, and more up-to-date information we have, the better we can publicize your book(s). Ask yourself, Would I like the sales teams to know that this is happening? and Would this contact be useful to my publicist and other authors in the future?