Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown has been an active Pagan and Druid for many years, having volunteered for the Pagan Federation and the Druid Network. OBOD trained but chaotic by nature, her non-fiction work explores spirituality as a lived experience rather than an academic subject.

She has run moots, a folk club, workshops, open rituals, and meditation groups, teaches privately and was a founding member of Druid Gorsedd Bards of the Lost Forest, the Auroch Grove and the Contemplative Druids. Nimue blogs at and wrote - a webcomic illustrated by her husband, artist Tom Brown.

As a fiction author, Nimue tends towards the gothic, steampunk and comedy, although will turn her hand to just about anything. Her Pagan music can be listened to for free at

An experienced ritual leader and celebrant, capable public speaker and used to leading workshops, Nimue will travel to events in the UK and is also open to requests for articles, guest blogs and podcast contributions, as time permits.
She lives in Gloucestershire, UK.

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