Tim Ross

Tim Ross

Tim Ross is a Methodist minister, temporarily retired because of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which he has had for fourteen years. Writing is something he does when the brain is actually working, when it isn't, he turns to his other passion, which is contemporary Christian art. He paints digital abstracts and is currently experimenting with installation art.

Tim is married to Sylvia and have two grown up sons, all of who take him as seriously as he takes watching a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

He had a dramatic conversion when he was eighteen, having been fiercely atheist up to that point. His Christian journey has been an 'ecumenical', for want of a better description: starting off in a Charismatic Bible college, he went to Baptist, Pentecostal and Anglican churches before being called to preaching and ministry in the Methodist Church.

Falling ill was an unexpected turn in his walk with God, and it has shaped both his theology and spirituality in ways which continue to surprise him. It has also provided him with an opportunity to develop his creative skills, albeit in small doses over a long period of time.

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