George Elerick

George Elerick

There is always a rescue, isn't there? I mean, once you open a book of any sorts there is someone or something needing some type of rescue. Central to every story is the desire to be free. My story has a rescue as well. I was thrown into a world of chaos that involved two parents who sold and did drugs and a mother who was a prostitute.

And I was only 4 years old, but it was traumatic enough for me to never forget my parents face as my siblings and I were wrenched from their grasps and taken away to separate homes to start a new life and a new beginning. I wrestled with the concept of God at a very young age, a pattern that would follow me throughout my life, the idea of wrestling with God has been somewhat central to my faith. And even to people like Jacob who had to be blessed by God but only after he wrestled with him, I seek the same. God calls us all into a ministry of rescue.

A realization that we never stop needing His rescue on a daily basis.

My story has taken me to almost every state on the U.S. Map and overseas. During my journeys' I have come to see God as my friend and lover and protector and someone who never stops chasing after me, another central theme in Scripture from the Old to the New.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Theology from California Baptist University and will be working on my Masters in ‘Religion, Ethics and Society’ very soon. I have studied relentless hours on the language of the Aramaic, Syriac and Greek to come to understand what is shared here. I have been to Israel. I have shared life in a Jewish synagogue. This isn't taken lightly. I have had conversation with University professors throughout the United States about this information.

I have worked in Churches (internationally) for the last 12 years and now do workshops for churches on how to transition from being static and stagnant to movements who are equipped to be malleable forces for change in light of postmodernism and to learn that postmodernism is not the enemy. I have friends, family and other platforms I naturally bring with me because of my nomadic lifestyle that I can use to promote this work.

I have been in churches since I was at the age of seven and have had direct experiences with other religions (I was home-taught by Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses) and have spent time in a Jewish Synagogue. My experience which is not all inclusive here has allowed me the authority to be able to write about such things as the above offered.

I have had the opportunity to engage with people from all different races, backgrounds, faiths and walks of life which has humbly afforded me with the experience of learning how to listen to people where they are at and meet their needs. I have in no away arrived, but the journey has challenged me to grow in my skills as a writer, speaker and a missional person. I have been published in various magazines, such as Relevant Magazine (a progressive Christian magazine) and will gladly submit the links to view these publications on request. I have been working in churches for over twelve years of which have allowed me to sit right in the thick of it all, not only am I a participator, sometimes I can easily be seen as the perpetrator. I have spent time with Youth for Christ and Youth With A Mission. I have done volunteer work with Christian Aid. As I write this, I am going to be spending a month in Pakistan on global development.

This experience of being in churches on staff has enabled me with the eyes to see that things to need to change. That too often we preserve ourselves and traditions over being a community designed to fight for the oppressed. My wife and I have started a grassroots non-profit organization called 52 Days which has been inspired by the rebuilding of the temple by the tribal prophet Nehemiah. We are called into a life of rebuilding relationships and restoring the value of those we come into contact with. 52 Days does just that.
I currently divide my time speaking in the UK, but have spoken and plan to continue speaking internationally. I have spoken for YWAM at their bases on cultural transformation and understanding. I have been invited to do radio slots for UCB (still being invited). I am currently in conversation with some of the movers and shakers within the Emergent Conversation (e.g., Brian Mclaren, Adele Sakler where we are finding relevant ways to meet global needs head on. I have been interviewed (and am currently invited back) on the UK’s number one Christian Radio: Premier. I have spoken at the edgy, relevant outdoor weekend conference: GreenBelt on the perversion of Missions; I am currently in conversation with Spring Harvest and New Wine to speak there. I consistently do radio slots for BBC’s Pause for Thought.

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