Theodore Holtzhausen

Theodore Holtzhausen

Theodore obtained his primary degree in Veterinary Medicine. After a happy childhood spent in South Africa, in the days and intrigue of discoveries by Professors Raymond Dart and Leaky and the first human heart transplant, he started his professional career working as a young veterinarian in London.

His interest in evolutionary biology always remained and inevitably led to further, studies, much travelling and reading in miscellaneous fields, while still active in clinical practice. Inevitably perhaps such diversity had to conclude in a biography.

More unexpectedly however this manuscript turned into a life changing new concept, now published and explained in his latest work Spheres of Perception. With pragmatic value to healthcare professionals, policymakers, business and all of us in general, this concept reaches beyond contemporary thinking and institutionalised academia and will undeniably change the way we understand and see our moral future as a species.

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