Jennie Sherwin

Jennie Sherwin

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Over a period of twenty years, Jennie Sherwin was diagnosed with a host of chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, lactose intolerance, reactive hypoglycemia, colitis, and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. As a public health writer and the wife of a physician, she sought help from Western medicine without success. After exposure to pesticides triggered new debilitating symptoms, she found her way to Dr. Leo Galland in New York City, who referred her to Dr. William J. Rea, founder of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rea connected her illnesses and symptoms to chronic exposure to toxic substances. During treatment, Jennie unmasked for sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields and was referred to Deborah Singleton, founder and president of the Arasini Foundation, and her healing team. With their help Jennie began a healing journey that took her from illness to good health and expanded consciousness. As a result, she entered a state of awakening, also known as ascension. As this state developed, her healing journey led her to a Reiki Master and intuitive healer, who initiated and certified her to practice Reiki healing, and then to Navajo hataali, or singers, whose healing ceremonies accelerated her progression toward communion with the consciousness of All That Is. Jennie studied energy balancing at Deborah Singleton's healing center in Richardson, Texas, A Healing Place. In Baltimore, Maryland, where she lives with her husband, Roger, she writes about healing and consciousness. Her son, Colin, lives and works in New York City.

Education and Prior Work Experience

After earning a bachelor of arts degree in English and a master of arts degree in counseling and working for several years as a teacher of English, Jennie joined the Corporate Personnel Department at Random House, where among other things, she wrote News at Random. After leaving Random House, she worked as a writer and editor for public health consulting organizations, producing publications for U.S. federal and state health agencies.

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