Bruce Nixon

Bruce Nixon

I am a veteran change agent, author, writer, speaker and activist. I have published five books and many articles. My mission is to contribute to creating a better world and help others do so.

After graduating from Oxford in philosophy, politics and economics, I went off to work in Los Angeles. Deciding I am European, I returned to work in London in people management, then Jamaica for five years with a Canadian company and back to London. I worked in the City where I helped leaders develop themselves, create better workplaces and bring about strategic change in ways that fully engage people. I learned a lot about how to do this. I then started an independent consultancy, working with a wide variety of organisations. For a while I taught at a business school with many international students.

Working with directors and senior managers, I became increasingly interested in global issues. I have visited Cuba and India to study organic cultivation and issues to do with sustainability, food and economic justice. Several return visits to Jamaica increased my anger about the unjust global economic system.

I have a passionate interest in our extraordinary planet and how we can create a sustainable, just and non-violent world for ourselves and future generations. My new book, A Better World is Possible, is all about how we can do this.

I have five children and four grandchildren. My partner is American.

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