17/10/18 | By Maria Barry

We sit relaxed and straight, our right hand resting in our left palm
and our thumbs touching lightly. If not seated in a chair our right
calf rests on or in front of the left one and we draw our chin in

First, we calm the mind. We feel the formless stream of air coming
and going at the tips of our noses and let thoughts and noises pass
without evaluation.

Then we decide that we want to meditate to experience mind’s
richness and gain distance from any disturbing emotions. Not until
then can one really help others.

At heart level, in the center of our chest, there now appears a tiny
rainbow light. Gradually it expands through our body, totally filling
it and dissolving all diseases and obstacles on its way. When we can
stay with this awareness, our body shines like a lamp and light
streams in all directions filling space. It dissolves the suffering of
beings everywhere and the world now shines with great meaning
and joy. All are in a pure land, full of limitless possibilities.
Everything is self-liberating.

We emanate this light for as long as it feels natural.


When we end this meditation, the light returns and dissolves the outer world into open space. It shines into our bodies, which also dissolves and there is now only awareness with no form, center, or limit.


Then, like a fish jumping from the water, again a world appears. Everything vibrates with meaning. All beings are perfect in essence and our body and speech are tools for benefiting others.

Finally, we wish that the good that just appeared may become
limitless and stream out to everyone. That it will remove their
suffering and bring them the only lasting joy, the recognition of the
nature of mind.

From The Way Things Are


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