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The place we go when we die and its beautiful

One minute I was lying in the emergency department surrounded by doctors, the next minute I opened my eyes and found myself floating in deep space surrounded by an infinite sea of stars, with loving Beings of Light stood either side of me and a wondrous tunnel of white light slowly revolving at my feet

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The truth about Alien abduction

In 2009 one woman from Pembrokeshire believed she was abducted by aliens. What followed was a terrifying ordeal of alien visitation, nightmarish visions, encounters with terrifying creatures, a connection to the past and a prophecy of destruction on the scale never seen in Pembrokeshire's peaceful history. Should these events be true, then no one is safe? The harvest has begun…

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Unveiling hidden accounts of James the brother of Jesus

Many theological scholars regard James as the unsung hero of Christianity

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Did Unicorns actually exist...

The unicorn? You must be bonkers. That’s not even a real animal. Actually, let’s agree to disagree. While many thought leaders in the modern world reject the unicorn’s existence, that certainly wasn’t always the case.

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The Age of Enlightenment and The Vision of a More Awake and Civil World

George Washington - recognized not only as the most exalted “father” of the American nation,” the first President of the United States, but also a man highly regarded by leaders around the globe – was strongly influenced by The Age of Enlightenment

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Why was the mission to the Moon named after the God of the Sun...

Philippe Sibaud explores the symbolism behind the 1969 Moon landing

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Wisdom From the Spirit World

What can those in spirit teach us about the enduring bond of love, the immense power of forgiveness, discovering our life’s purpose and finding peace in a frantic world?

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Kabbalah and Healing Ancient wisdom for the modern world demonstrating that incurable merely means curable from within

What Maggy Whitehouse has discovered, over more than a quarter of a century of studying, teaching and writing books on Kabbalah, is that, used as a tool for inspiration, Kabbalah is a magical loom on which we can weave our healing.

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What if The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho holds a secret magic to change your life forever...

Colm Holland reveals the story of his encounter with Paulo Coelho and his bestselling book The Alchemist, and how discovering the secret in Paulo’s novel gave him the insights to achieve true empowerment in his life.

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Vibration The Language of the Psyche

Collective energies, those of a mass of humans thinking and behaving in a like manner, humanity’s collective consciousness, move energy and trigger us in a similar way.

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Poltergeist A New Investigation Into Destructive Haunting

Is the Poltergeist 'Syndrome' the only type of paranormal phenomena that can really be proven?

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