Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind

01/04/19 | By Sarah-Beth Watkins

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Choosing to have children is a private decision with global consequences. Other Than Mother explores the decision-making process around not having children.

The decision to have children, or not, carries huge personal and social consequences. In this well-researched, intellectually and emotionally intelligent book, Kamalamani offers an accessible, contemporary and cross-cultural insight into this important and complex terrain. This book challenges stereotypes and invites understanding and mutual respect, regardless of personal circumstances. It will be of interest to any woman or man who is or has ever been effected by decisions relating to procreation. It is also a must read for psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and other care professionals. In short, it is essential reading for all. Matthew Henson, Existential Psychotherapist, The Counselling Centre, Cork

The book is in three parts: Part I The Worldly Winds explores the backdrop to deciding whether or not to have children, including the cultural changes brought about by a rise in voluntary/intentional childlessness. Part II A Private Decision with Global Consequences explores the pros and cons in the decision-making process, including ecological and environmental considerations. Part III New Horizons and Baby-sized Projects explores living with the decision.


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