Human Wrongs

Human Wrongs: a devastating look at British Social Policy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Conversations with Socrates and Plato

An imaginary, extended dialogue with Plato, Socrates, Spinoza and William James presents philosophical ideas that have never been more relevant for Western civilization.

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Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind

Following on the success of Pandeism: An Anthology, July sees the publication of a second volume Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind, an exploration of the creativity of the human mind

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Strategies for Being Visible

This practical handbook will provide inspiration for women in early and middle leadership positions, in order to motivate them and equip them with the confidence, skills and strategies they require to be more visible at work and raise their profile.

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Hire Right or Hire Often

The latest article from Joseph F. Duffy, author of Being a Supervisor 1.0

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Other Than Mother

Choosing to have children is a private decision with global consequences.

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The Idea of the World

This month sees the publication of Bernardo Kastrup's new book, The Idea of the World

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Good Supervision - Not One Size Fits All

Joseph Duffy, author of Being a Supervisor 1.0: a Handbook for the New, Aspiring, and Experienced Supervisor, discusses the fact that good supervsion does not mean one size fits all

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​Do We Actually Experience the Flow of Time?

Subjective experience must inform physics and philosophy, but it should be assessed carefully.

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Can you tell a story in 3 words?

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If you are unwilling to fire low performers, do not be a supervisor!

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Time to Tell

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