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04/05/20 | By Trevor Greenfield

Moon Books are delighted to announce that we are starting a new series. Practically Pagan are new books aimed at Pagans and those interested in Paganism and alternative ideas. Future titles will be covering Health & Wellbeing, Magical Living, Gardening and Planet-friendly Living. But we are kicking off the series with a wonderful new book from Rachel Patterson on Cooking. But don't take my word that it's wonderful... here's what other people have had to say...

I'm reading an advanced copy of Rachel's new book Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Cooking right now. Even though I'm not Pagan, I'm really enjoying it. My practice as a gnostic can benefit... I'm sharing this right now on my bookstagram page @aprilsbookishlife and goodreads as well as my facebook group The Broom Closet Spiritual Learning Group where I also shared your latest blog post. I'll be slowly working my way through your book this week but I can already tell it's fantastic. Thank you Rachel, Moon Books and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to review it. April Jernigan

Very interesting approach to cooking. The chapters are set up by months and indicate what produce is generally available at that time. Several of the recipes sounded great and I made Chans and Spinach Curry. It contained easy to find ingredients (most I had at home) and it was easy to make. Very good and will be a nice addition to my menu rotation. Kathy Pagan

Besides reading, my other main interest is cooking. Although there are no pictures in this recipe book, it didn't really matter to me. I enjoyed reading the comments as to what Rachel Patterson thought about each recipe. Whether it was a favourite or as to why she had slightly varied a recipe. Several of the recipes i'm already familiar with, having cooked them over the years. I've not had bacon roly poly for years, but the idea of baking rather than steaming, now has me wanting to try. The chocolate puddle pudding is something that i aim to make soon, as well as the Florentine rice tart. There are not many recipes containing meat, but then i don't eat as much meat as i used to. Whether one is Pagan or not (I'm not), this recipe book is worth a read. Jeanette Styles

I really liked this book, as it had lots of recipes I wanted to try, both some more basic and some with a fun twist. It's also arranged by month, which I found really fun, as there's some pagan info for each month in addition to focusing on what produce is in season at that time. Kristin Jørgensen

Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Cooking by Rachel Patterson is the type of cookbook I really enjoy. Although there are no pictures, at least not in the version I read, the recipes are straightforward and pictures aren't as necessary as in some more elaborate books...I highly recommend this to cooks who want to serve hearty meals using in season ingredients when possible. This is about day-to-day and month-to month, maybe better season-to-season, cooking and living rather than the periodic "look what I made" special dinners. I love those kinds of cookbooks too, but I find myself using them once in a great while, while I can see myself referencing this book regularly. Earl Messer

Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Cooking


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