Earth Spirit – A new series from Moon Books

08/10/21 | By Trevor Greenfield

Earth Spirit – A new series from Moon Books

Moon Books starts a new eco-spirituality series this month… Earth Spirit. The purpose of the series is to stimulate and help develop ongoing discussion on what is, of course, pretty much the most important topic anyone could focus upon today – the future of the planet.

Titles will focus upon topics such as

  • Environmental Ethics
  • Environmental Activism
  • Earth Honouring cultures
  • Eco-Spiritual philosophy
  • Eco-Spiritual living

The series has been well-received. For example… Sarah Kerr, Pagan Federation President, recommends the series “to anyone who is concerned about our current situation and wants to find some hope in solutions they can practice for themselves.” Eimear Burke, Chosen Chief of OBOD, describes the series as “a welcome and inspiring antidote to fear and apathy.” And Philip Carr-Gomm observes “Our planet needs books like these - they offer us heartening signposts through the most challenging of times.”

The series starts with three books this year, two in October and one in November. Further ahead, more books are in production and scheduled for the new year and beyond.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope – Relearning Environmental Connectiveness by James T Powers… If we embrace the perceptive and consciously interconnected view of all creation that has sustained Indigenous people for thousands of years, we can begin a transformation that will heal our relationship with the Living Earth for ourselves and future generations. The future of life on the planet is up to us.

Confronting the Crisis – Essays and Meditations in Eco-Spirituality by David Sparanberg… This volume raises abundant questions. Questions are invitations to readers to enter dialogues exploring how we think, feel, see, listen, and how together we can discover paths to appropriateness within realities and necessities on a planet systemically in crisis.

Saving Mother Ocean by Steve AndrewsA call to action to save our oceans and our future. Life on this planet depends on healthy oceans. We depend on healthy oceans. This book takes a look at the threats to marine life, and what is being done to save the seas. It is a call to action to save Mother Ocean!


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