September Book Releases from JHP

27/09/19 | By Ben Craib

Another busy month at JHP with 8 awesome titles released today!

Changemakers Books

The Way Of The Conscious Warrior by P.T. Mistlberger

A book for men seeking to reconcile the courage of the warrior with the clarity of the conscious man.

The early 21st century is a complex time presenting unique challenges for men. This book examines many of those challenges, from dysfunctional relationships and confusion about what it means to be ‘male’ in the postmodern world, to understanding the dark side of the masculine psyche, as well as how to apply the best qualities of ‘warrior consciousness’ to experience overall success and fulfilment in life.

Christian Alternative

Why I Am A Pacifist by Tim Gee

A reflection on the lives of peacemakers past and present, and a call for a more nonviolent world.

Tim Gee tells the story of why he became a pacifist and what it means to him. Gee reflects on the lives of peacemakers past and present to provide responses to questions like “Don’t we have to hit back if we're hurt?”, “Don’t we need war to respond to evil?” and “Doesn’t religion justify wars?”. This is a critique of war, but more than that, it stakes a claim for pacifism's feminist and anti-racist qualities. This is a call for a more nonviolent world.

Cosmic Egg Books

The Cult Of Eden by Bill Haplin

Evil may lurk in the hearts of man, but something worse put it there.

Newlywed Will Battese finds himself homesick and overwhelmed after following his ambitious wife, Shannon, to New York City. When a surprise pregnancy shreds their already meager budget, Will drops out of college and settles for work at a low-end diner. There, a small act of kindness draws the attention of Victor Degas, a man with an unsettling presence and deformed eyes. Unbeknownst to Will, Degas belongs to an ancient, sophisticated cult known as the Edens and believes Will to be the key to gaining otherworldly power.

As the sun sets on Good Friday, Degas orchestrates a home invasion in which Will and his baby boy, Gideon, are kidnapped, leaving Shannon to join forces with an unreliable agent from the Roman Catholic Church. While Will struggles to save other innocents from the Eden parish below the city, Shannon discovers that the cult plans to use her family for an unimaginable demonic ritual, and that the Vatican may let it happen. With no one to trust but themselves, Shannon and Will must fight not only to survive, but to keep their humanity intact.

THE CULT OF EDEN is the first volume in The Unrisen saga.

Moon Books

Hoodoo in the Psalms by Taren S

Magickal workings found in the Psalms, developed over a millennium for the modern conjurer to use today.

You are holding in your hands one of the most powerful grimoires for practicing the magick found in the Psalms. It contains over 160 complete and ready to use magickal workings for both the novice and the more experienced magickal folks to add to their personal libraries. From ancient texts long covered in dust, to the 19th century Marie Laveau, and the modern-day Doc Buzzard, Hoodoo in the Psalms offers magickal workings developed and used over a millennium for the modern conjurer to use today.

Pagan Portals - Fairy Queens by Morgan Daimler

A guide to meeting and respectfully connecting to the powerful, mysterious Queens of Fairy.

Mysterious and intriguing, the Queens of Fairy have been intertwined with mortal lives and imaginations for as long as we have had myth and folklore. Goddesses to some, fictional characters to others, these powerful Queens are bound up in the history of witchcraft and still have a role to play today. This book takes a look at who the Fairy Queens are, explores some of their individual stories, and considers how we can still connect to them and honor them in the world today.


Coherent Self, Coherent World by Diana Durham

Reclaiming value in a fractured age.

Greater coherence follows in every aspect of our lives when we learn to use the magical tool of consciousness. Diana Durham shows that we do this by connecting to our deeper self. She draws on her unique understanding of myth and ancient sacred texts as well as time spent in dialogue with theoretical physicist David Bohm to guide us on the path to personal coherence.

In a poetic, accessible style, Diana argues passionately that understanding who we are and how we work is not only the key to individual fulfilment, but also the way through to a sustainable future for us all.

Our Street Books

May's Moon: Fortis Mission by S.Y. Palmer

Sabotage, theft and a shocking discovery threaten teenager Michael May’s mission to the moon.

Fifteen-year-old Michael May makes history as the first child in space and part of a crew to the far side of the moon. However, from the moment he docks at the International Space Station, things change...

Theft, sabotage, and a shocking discovery threaten Michael May's mission to the moon and force him to act. If he can’t find the answers, the mission will fail.

May's Moon: Fortis Mission is the second instalment in the May's Moon trilogy.

Zero Books

Ideology and the Virtual City by Jon Bailes by Jon Bailes

An exploration of modern society and the critical value of popular culture.

Ideology and the Virtual City is an exploration of modern society and the critical value of popular culture. It combines a prescient social theory that describes how ‘neoliberal’ ideology in today’s societies dominates our economic, political and cultural ideals, with an entertaining exploration of narratives, characters and play structures in some of today’s most interesting videogames. The book takes readers into a range of simulated urban environments that symbolise the hidden antagonisms of social life and create outlandish resolutions through their power fantasies. Interactive entertainment can help us understand the ways in which people relate to a modern ‘common sense’ neoliberal background, in terms of absorbing assumptions, and questioning them.


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