O-Books Presents is now on Spotify!

02/04/19 | By Ben Craib

Our interview series is O-Books Presents is now on Spotify (and will soon be on iTunes!).

We've run interviews on O-Books Presents over on YouTube for almost two years now, interviewing and showcasing spiritual writers of all persuasions - people who write about spiritual awakening, alternative healing, divination, tarot, eastern philosophy the paranormal - from non-duality to the philosophy and practice of reiki, from how to develop your psychic ability to transforming chronic pain through acts of kindness, you can be sure to find a conversation to interest you.

Currently our last eight interviews are on there. Of course, you can still find us on YouTube where we started, and see our full library of conversations.

If you're a Spotify listener you can find our shows right here. They include talks with John Nelson, Sam Glory, Pierre Pradervand, Jenny Light, Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen, Larry Culliford, and Diana Richardson.

Here a couple of them on YouTube, plus a couple of our interviews with the most views.


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