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27/11/20 | By Gavin Lee Davies, Mr

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Cool Sex

For deeply satisfying sex the real secret is to reduce the heat, to cool down. Discover the empowerment and fulfilment of sex with loving mindfulness.

Sex is hot isn't it? Do you notice how sexually suggestive erotic images greet you at every corner? These 'steamy' images give a one-sided, unbalanced view of sex.

For deeply satisfying sex the real secret is to reduce the heat, to cool down, and to be relaxed and mindful. Nature designed bodies for easy going loving sexual play that lasts for hours. Using the ancient eastern understandings of Tantra and body magnetism, higher experiences and blissful states are available. Cool Sex by Wendy Doeleman and Diana Richardson provides explanations, practical tips and easy to follow exercises.

Discover the empowerment and fulfilment of sex with loving mindfulness

Emerald City

New York's transformation back into a Gilded city and what to do about it.

Joseph Grosso traces the history of New York's transformation back into a gilded city, and asks what can be done about it. He examines New York's deindustrialization and the elite planning and design that followed; New York's financial crisis of the mid-1970s and the policy decisions made in its wake; New York's housing crisis; and the history of public housing across the United States. Making the history of gentrification and deindustrialization widely available and understood is a crucial tool in combating housing crises which continue to spread in cities around the world as more and more houses are left empty, to be used for global investments instead of for living.

Fresh, lively, accessible, Grosso brings the issues of gentrification, deindustrialization, homelessness, and militarized policing, so easily ignored, to the fore.

Pagan Portals - Living Fairy

Calling the Othercrowd back through active practice and holy days based on the Pleiades.

The human world and the Otherworld have always been intrinsically connected just as the beings within them are, but these connections have been strained in the Western world over the last millenia. Cultural and religious shifts have pushed the Other to the fringes and centred humanity in the world and in many spiritual frameworks. As we move into the 21st century the Othercrowd is pushing back, seeking a return to their place in things. Many witches are feeling this shift.

Living Fairy is a look at ways to deepen your practice of fairy witchcraft by actively calling the Good Neighbours back, and connecting to them more experientially. It emphasizes older ways of relating to them within a modern framework, while acknowledging the good and the bad that comes with this work. There is also an emphasis on moving away from solar and lunar holy days into a system focused on the stars, which may perhaps be an older way to relate to both the fairies and our spirituality.

M.E. Myself and I - Diary of a Psychic

A brutally honest journey showing strength of the human spirit, faith in the unseen and a tenacious will to survive.

M.E. Myself and I follows the story of a woman struck down with M.E and Fibromyalgia in the prime of her life as a successful TV psychic medium. Left with nothing but two dustbin bags, demons from the past and her two dogs, she embarks on an incredible journey. Grieving her old life and begrudgingly accepting guidance from angels and spirit guides after losing her faith, she finds a reason to live from the brink of suicide by experiencing celestial miracles and a passion to write.

This inspirational self-help spiritual memoir highlights a chronic illness pandemic sweeping through the world that society has shamefully neglected. Her esoteric voice representing the ‘millions missing’ brings hope, faith and a definitive strength of the human spirit during the injustice of one life altering episode after another.

Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Health & Well-being

Your health and well-being is valuable, and the actions you take to care for your beautiful self are a gift and a sacred prayer of intention.

You are precious. Your body is precious. Your mind is precious. Your heart is precious. With your actions, with your connection to yourself, you create a foundation that can weather all that comes before you. Perhaps you have been told otherwise. Perhaps you have believed otherwise, that somehow, some way, you are less than worthy of love and care. Perhaps you know you are worthy of love and care and beauty, but need to be reminded or given permission. I want to tell you that your health, your well-being is valuable. And the actions you take to care for your beautiful self are a gift and a sacred prayer of intention.

Welcome to Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Health & Well-being in which we will encounter ways to care for our health and explore strategies to support ourselves as magical and powerful beings.

An Alternative Guide to Health and Well-being is the second volume in an exciting new lifestyle series from Moon Books, which offers body, mind and planet-friendly alternatives for everyday tasks

How to Dismantle the English State Education System in 10 Easy Steps

The story of the takeover of England’s schools by the super-efficient, modernising, academising machine.

Terry Edwards and Carl Parsons tell the story of the takeover of England’s schools by the super-efficient, modernising, academising machine, which, in collaboration with a dynamic, forward-looking government is recasting the educational landscape.

England’s school system is turbo-charged into a new era and will be the envy of the world, led by Chief Executives of Multi Academy Trusts on bankers’ salaries, imposing a slim curriculum, the soundest of discipline regimes and ensuring that highest standards will be achieved even if at the expense of teacher morale, poor service to special needs, off-rolling of students and despite an absolute lack of evidence that this privatised system works.

Fools' Paradise

In Fools’ Paradise, a mock-heroic poem on Brexit, Nicholas Hagger approaches the most important national event of our time in the spirit of Tennyson and gets to the heart of the UK’s national predicament.

In Fools’ Paradise, a mock-heroic poem on Brexit which complements his masque King Charles the Wise, Nicholas Hagger presents the most important British event since the Second World War: the Brexiteers’ struggle to wrest control of the UK’s laws, borders, money and trade from the EU and turn the UK into a more prosperous paradise. In 16 cantos and an epilogue of heroic couplets with an epic tone he narrates the 2018 Chequers compromise and its aftermath: the EU’s opposition, lack of internal support, looming ‘no deal’ and requests for extensions that keep the UK in the EU. He shows the UK Ship of State as manned by a squabbling crew sailing for an illusory paradise and too riven by division to reach agreement. The dream all were promised seems undeliverable.

In the tradition of the social satire of Dryden and Pope, the elevated style is undermined by a recurring image of the Ship of Fools in Sebastian Brant’s 1494 Swiss poem Ship of Fools (Das Narrenschiff), which makes a chaotic voyage from Europe to an illusory paradise across the waves. It becomes apparent that all on the UK Ship of State are to some extent living in a fools’ paradise.

Focusing on the historic decision to leave Europe that if carried through would have immense repercussions for coming generations, Nicholas Hagger presents the warring factions on the UK Ship of State and in true Universalist manner foresees a resolution of the conflict in the reconciliation of a coming united world. This is an astonishing poem that approaches the most important national event of our time in the spirit of Tennyson and gets to the heart of the UK’s national predicament.

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