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Whether it's the rugged Highlands and Islands or the gritty cosmopolitan city of Glasgow, Scotland always provides a fantastic backdrop for a story. This month JHP is proud to be publishing two very different but both brilliantly entertaining reads with atmospheric Scottish settings.

With No Safe Anchorage author Liz McCrae Shaw delivers a hard to put down fast-moving tale that stretches from the Scottish Isles to Canada.

Tom Masters, a nineteenth-century naval officer, is a round peg in a square hole. A tantalising glimpse of a stranger leads him to jump ship on a quest to find her. His adventures, interwoven with the life of a young Robert Louis Stevenson, take Tom from the Isle of Skye to Canada. There he encounters others who have been jettisoned by society, including Silent Owl, a Native American who becomes his soulmate. But, danger and exposure threaten Tom's every move as he is forced to continue on his journey...

"Liz MacRae Shaw weaves her way between reality and fiction with ambition and skill in another fine historical novel. Its characters are rich and fully drawn...and she pulls her narrative threads together with ease.
‘No Safe Anchorage’ is another fine book from an extremely interesting author. North-west Highland and Island history could not be in the hands of a better modern novelist." Roger Hutchinson - West Highland Free Press

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Our second Scottish offering this month is an altogether more modern affair Don't Doubt the Magic is the second in Roundfire author Cathie Devitt's five star reviewed novellas about the life of Bernice O'Hanlon a contemporary witch with a troubled but determined soul, raised on a small Scottish island and now living in Glasgow. Follow Bernice as she tackles the issues which face her in her search for contentment. Can she finally use the tools she has always possessed and take the leap into her potential?

Book one Don't Drink & Fly was a FINALIST AT THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014/15.

"Cathie Devitt deftly brings two of Scotland’s distinct and traditional cultures together; the claustrophobia of tight knit island life and the alienation of urban life. The characters are so sharply defined they feel like your own friends and relatives and she hasn’t sugar-coated the Gaelic culture either, choosing to present it in all its glorious darkness.
Imagine a Dan Brown novel but with the plot twists and turns being absolutely believable.
What a brilliant TV series this trilogy would make." - Des Dillon, Author

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If you would like to read the first book Don't Drink & Fly is also just a click away...

No Safe Anchorage and Don't Doubt the Magic are published 27 October 2017





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