Everything starts with thought and from thought.

23/11/18 | By Dominic C. James

by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Imagine yourself a child looking at a holographic picture. What do you see there? An ugly witch? Turn the picture a bit, and now what do you see? A beautiful flower? Actually, both the witch and the flower exist in the holographic picture, we just observe them from a different angle or perspective and recreate images as we see them in our mind. If we see life as a multilayered and multifaceted hologram – it means that we accept that life manifests holographically out of light by thought.

Light is electromagnetic waves or vibrations. Manifestation starts from the much higher frequency energy planes and becomes embedded in the solid matter with our participation. With the participation of our thought. We are observers of the hologram of life and simultaneously its creators. An observer perceives the hologram, compares it to a picture already existing in memory, and adjusts his/her thought accordingly. This adjusted thought becomes the experience of the holographic mechanism's 'working ray' for the creation of a new hologram in the unending process of manifestation of the multifaceted hologram of life. Depending on the focus of our observation and how skilled we are in thinking, we can produce many witches or flowers in our life. They manifest, especially when our thought coincides with that of many other people.

The principal founder of the Theosophical Society, H.P. Blavatsky, possessed a particular ability of clearly thinking and in no time could produce beautiful bouquets of flowers out of thin air right before the eyes of the spectators. Even when we are not that skilled and our thoughts are chaotic and tend to scatter, we nevertheless can imagine a beautiful flower and make an effort to plant and take care of it. The result of our thinking and effort will appear in time. Light doesn't propagate without time, so time makes possible the appearance and preservation of holographically produced matter. Our ability to control time defines whether our thought manifests immediately, soon, or never. As we explain in our book, Creator and Creators, we master the ability of controlling time by changing the state of our consciousness and consequently our personal time. We can learn to 'squeeze' our time and change the conditions for our creativity.

As all life is interconnected, we affect our life together with the lives of others, and eventually, of the entire universe. And vice versa, we receive the response to our thoughts and actions from the universe. How can our abilities, actions, and responses to them be co-measured? What kind of criteria should we use to choose the best and most balanced ways of moving into the future? As for now, most often decisions we make are based on an artificial monetary criterion. Therefore, very often our actions lead to the misbalance we bring into nature and human health.

If we are searching for ways of solving global problems like sustaining the world population, our goals cannot be reduced to maximal profit for a particular organization, state, and individual. Transition to natural, energy based, criteria would be preferable. To discover right solutions and new ways of development, we could emulate universal mechanisms which provide life in the universe, such as:

Can we people somehow emulate natural laws and mechanisms and secure all the essentials of life and development? Everything starts from consciousness, so to answer this question we have to start from making changes and expanding the abilities of our thinking.

If we were aware that everybody is innately connected and inter-dependent, we would not seek personal security and affluence at an expense of others. All of us would become caring and sharing people. If we knew that every system of nature is developing in a cyclic –spiral way, we would use this archetype in our planning. Nature doesn't waste anything so we should copy nature and take only what we need to sustain the world's rapidly growing population. But to do so, every one of us will have to be included in a voluntary chain of mutual giving and help.

Everyone is born with a freedom of choice. However, we are subject to immutable cosmic laws, and it would be better for us if we knew and obeyed them. According to these laws, we cannot stop developing. To stop means to die as life is in constant motion. So it is paramount for us to find the way of developing with aspiration and joy.

By emulating natural systems in their ability of turning chaos into order and beauty, we will be able to uplift our consciousness and create beauty in every aspect of life.

About the authors: Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen are long time students of spirituality and co-authors of, The Laws of Life (2004), a new book, Creator and Creators (2018), and articles and lectures on metaphysical topics and Agni Yoga. Roza has a PhD in technical sciences and a diploma of music, Margarita has a Masters in engineering and is an exhibiting artist. They live in Australia.

Website: http://riaikkenen.com/news/

Creator and Creators - Co-creation with Nature: Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science is due for publication by Axis Mundi Books (imprint of John Hunt Publishing) in July 2018 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon


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