Nancy Gordon

Nancy Gordon

Throughout the course of her career Dr. Gordon has amassed extensive experience in the field of health and wellness. With over 22 years of experience in the field, her role as a consultant is primarily to help people become the best they can be by understanding Universal Laws and the power of their thought and feelings to create health, abundance, and success in their lives.

22 years of experience conducting national and international presentation in the field of health and wellness

20 years of experience coaching, developing, and implementing individual wellness programs for corporate and private individuals

Work with US Olympic swimmers on the mental side of swimming

Extensive experience conducting health assessments to determine what type of wellness program best fits individual goals

Highly skilled at providing education/training to management and employees on Universal Laws, power of thought and emotions, stress reduction, ergonomics, visualizations, self-care and health enhancement, work and life balance

Experienced at developing tools and techniques on monitoring thoughts and emotions to bring about health, the power of the moment, coping with and eliminating stress, anger management and teamwork strategies

Published over 15 articles/papers/chapters/books in the area of enabling and empowering people

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