Dave Reavely

Dave Reavely

Dave Reavely is a qualified teacher with a specialism in PE and special needs. He developed an interest in nutrition and health as a result of suffering from arthritis as a young child. He was always engaged in sporting activity; however, the arthritis began to hold him back. This prompted him to do his own research into nutrition and its influence on chronic diseases, such as heart disease and arthritis. By making some radical changes in his diet he controlled the condition and went on to qualify as a PE teacher and football coach. His interest in sport and nutrition ran parallel to each other and he now writes as a nutritional expert for Running Fitness magazine and he has had other articles accepted in magazines including Here's Health and Kindred Spirit.

In addition, he also developed an interest in healthy eating for children. This resulted in writing the interactive book The Cool Kid's Guide to Healthy Eating, published by an education publisher. His next book, The Big Fat Mystery, was published by John Blake Publishing (Metro Books) in 2008. The book addresses the issue of how food intolerance can sabotage the body's attempts to lose weight.

Over the last few years Dave has hosted The Holistic Health Show on My Spirit Radio, which has attracted a number of high profile celebrities including Dr Hilary Jones from GMTV, Dr Wendy Denning from Channel 4's The Diet Doctors and celebrity chef Anthony Worral Thompson.

As a result of his role as a nutritional consultant and his writing endeavours, Dave is listed as a nutritional expert for BBC Radio Kent, who contact him for contributions to programmes on current health-related subjects, especially healthy eating for children.

Dave Reavely is a Nutritional Practitioner, and former teacher interested in healthy eating for children, sports nutrition and food allergies and intolerances. He has a Dip.N.Medicine (Diploma in Nutritional Medicine)from the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College at Thames Valley University in London. He is a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and is a Nutritional Advisor to Jamie Johnson, one of the UK’s first female professional boxers, world title contender in the USA and recently inducted into The Madison Square Gardens Hall Of Fame.

Sport and Nutrition

Having qualified as a PE Teacher in the late 1970’s, Dave has adopted a holistic approach towards helping sports people to optimise their performance in a wide range of sporting activities. This includes a strong nutritional component.


My Spirit Radio

Dave is a show host for My Spirit Radio, an internet radio station that has a growing number of listeners world-wide. His show, The Holistic Health Show, encompasses a wide range of subjects relating to health and wellbeing.

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