Stephanie J. King

Stephanie J. King

Stephanie J. King is internationally known and respected as a gifted Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Counsellor, Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Columnist and Healing Medium. She is affiliated with several associations, teaches, lectures and heals regularly – and gives healing/support to local sufferers and carers within Parkinson’s and other societies. Highly regarded, her work is used specifically by therapists, counsellors, healers, volunteers and carers within the wider community to fine tune their own life and enhance the many services they provide. She herself works within the field of Personal Development, Self Help, Mind Body Spirit – as well as within the general mainstream.
Stephanie has now been working with spirit - and more precisely with the ‘I AM’ presence for over 18 years – to heal, write, awaken and empower the general public. Her own journey through life has led her to help others to know and embrace their own soul journey and to utilise their talents and strengths as they reawaken to their greater purpose, and again learn to live and work more effectively with NOW. She often teams up with other healers at a weekly voluntary clinic where people come for healing and life coaching, to help combat depression, life changes, illness or addictions. Stephanie gives healing up and down the country to the general public and also offers support to the local sufferers & carers within the Parkinson’s Disease Society support group as well as to members of MIND.
Stephanie has successfully raised her profile through giving talks at workshops and at major Mind Body Soul/Spirit events and exhibitions throughout the UK, Ireland and Wales, where she has also promoted her previous books. Television and radio appearances will coincide with new publications, together with national press editorials, interviews and features. Stephanie is also creating certificated workshops for therapists and beauticians who will be able to use her books as part of their own healing practice.

Stephanie’s books cultivate health & happiness and a deeper meaning to daily life. Each day is a new day. It is another chance to create, to make a difference, to redraw and define who you are and what you do. How you live, interact and connect with daily life means everything - for all the achievements you'll take with you back to Spirit - as your contribution to life, physicality and time.

Channelledbyspirit, these works are a direct interchange through everyday events, traumas, thoughts, situations and obstacles. Nothing happens by chance, everything therefore contains a reason - find that reason to productively connect, communicate, be inspired, acknowledged, understood and fully recognised.

Link and work directly with life's own creative forces. Interact with Source - as if being taken by the hand - so pure data, insights, inspiration, hunches and extrasensory information can filter through. Grow in confidence, love better, and feel freer, happier and healthier than in years as you move through life.

Perfect for busy lifestyles, these powerful works will help and guide you to change much for the better, as you access higher truths that lie within you. use them for self improvement, empowerment, and to gain renewed confidence with will help you to attain your life goals. LOVE, WORK, FAMILY and HOME - the results will be immediate and immense.

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