Cher Chevalier

Cher Chevalier

Cher Chevalier is a world-renowned Spiritual Adviser, Co-Author of Meditations that launched Calm, iTunes App of The Year 2017, Co-Creator of PAWS - The Policy for Animal Welfare Scheme, Writer and Co-Creator of The Compassion In Commerce Training Program, Co-Creator of The #HANDSOFF Campaign, Co-Writer of the "LOST CHILD" Song, Founder and CEO of Animals Actually Ltd, and Author of the following 33 books: INNER POWER MEDITATIONS, Compassion In Commerce, INNER JOURNEY MEDITATIONS with Cher Chevalier & Liz Solari, The Hidden Secrets of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Truths of a MODERN SEER, The Hidden Life of a MODERN SEER, SLIM: Step Lightly In Mind, Body, Spirit, and ANIMALS ACTUALLY A-Z. Cher was born in England into a family that boasts four generations of vegetarians and vegans. She endured near death experiences in childhood, after which her supernatural and mystical experiences began. Cher has worked as a Spiritual Adviser for over 25 years, appeared on many mainstream TV shows; including Celebrity World Cup Soccer Six where she performed absent healing for footballer Wayne Rooney live on Sky One. She has been featured in numerous publications and radio shows around the globe. Cher was the Spiritual Adviser on the UNLOCKED movie; she was also hired to help launch the Matt Damon/Clint Eastwood movie HEREAFTER. Cher leads a devotional life.

Kip Andersen, Film Director - What The Health, Cowspiracy
“The planet needs Compassion in Commerce, and in all areas of life. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction. Go vegan!”

Georgina Townsley, Film and Documentary Producer / Co-Founder V By Townsley
“Compassion in Commerce (CIC) proffers the tools with which we can raise our consciousness, make our planet a better place for all, and leave a legacy of good. Cher Chevalier's profound spiritual wisdom and grace will leave an imprint in your soul. And partnered with Judith Clegg’s business acumen, this
magnificent book is a gift for humanity.”

Liz Solari, Actress and UNICEF Ambassador
“If we are serious about saving our planet and securing a sustainable future for its inhabitants, we must become compassionate in the way we do business, now! Ambition without compassion destroys: global warming, world hunger, animal holocaust, global deforestation and pollution... we are killing our planet! Our home!. A revealing, practical, and absolutely necessary read in the times we are facing.”

Luke Mansfield, Chief Strategy Officer - Harley-Davidson Motor Company
“Compassion in Commerce speaks to the nagging sense business leaders have that they should and could care more. A clarion call for caring and diversity as drivers of positive change and business growth.”

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