The Man Who Drew Triangles Out Today!

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We’re really excited that The Man Who Drew Triangles is out today!

The book tells the story of Patricia, a psychiatrist who is given a  sectioned 27y/o Icelander who claims he has spiritual  powers. Judging him “crazy”, she is forced to reconsider her view when a series of supernatural events have a profound effect on her life.

It’s a visionary thriller that explores the idea that the physical world is not all we see. The story shows us that challenging life experiences offer a path to personal growth and transformation.

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Takes you on an exciting journey through the landscape of magical Britain…challenging the reader at every twist and turn of the story to question the mysteries of life and to explore the farther reaches of consciousness.

Philip Carr-Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. Author of ‘Druid Mysteries’ and ‘Sacred Places’.

The Man Who drew Traingles

Author Bios

Harald Erlendsson is a psychiatrist and director of Iceland’s premier private clinic. He tirelessly seeks ways of integrating the best modern psychological practice with spiritual healing methods including ritual and quests.

After flirting briefly with big business then running a smaller one building beautiful yachts, and having written three published novels, Keith Hagenbach is now a psychotherapist in private practice.



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