Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is an independent writer and researcher with a focus on change, specifically the political, technological, social, cultural, economic, and institutional changes required to meet the challenges of the future.

Michael has worked in numerous sectors, from education and technology, to government, public services and urban planning. He has produced more than a hundred leading reports for organisations, both his own research and working with leading academics across many fields. His work has been featured in national media including BBC News, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, and Prospect magazine, as well as many academic journals.

Michael’s PhD research focused on the new right and the Thatcher governments. His subsequent research interests have included reforming education using technology, how leading businesses and organisations innovate in radical new ways, rethinking how public services can be organised around people’s needs, and challenging the closed way in which government policy is developed. Most recently he has focused on planning for future trends, such as climate change, population growth, economic and technological disruption, and the collapse in trust in political institutions. Michael currently lives in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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