Leo Cookman

Leo Cookman

Leo is a writer and musician based in Kent. He is currently a researcher and writer of scripts for the YouTube channel Wisecrack, which boasts over two million subscribers. He has written for the Hong Kong Review of Books, Philosophy Now magazine and has written features on Philosophy and Theory for several other publications.

Leo's poetry and fiction has been featured in various publications including Penguin's 'Poetry of Sex', The Best of Manchester Poets, Ladybeard magazine, Eyewear Review, Living in the Future Magazine and more. He has self-published using more contemporary, innovative methods of distribution like his poetry collection published as a website (breakingamericapoems.wordpress.com), his collection published as social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter (@darkchamberpoems), and has also published three conventional poetry pamphlets.

As a musician he has performed across the UK, the US and Europe and has three albums available on iTunes and Spotify.

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