George F.

George F.

Formerly Furious, now Fuck Off.

George F. is a writer, dramapunk, pleasure-seeker and operator in foreign lands who has travelled extensively across Europe and Asia working with socially excluded groups ranging from the homeless to heroin addicts and street kids.

​They are a gender traitor.

Their first book - Total Shambles - is a piece of creative nonfiction about direct action and self housing in the metropolis. It was published by Influx Press in 2015.

Formerly squatting and now living on a semi-sinking boat in London, they completed a new series of 7 zines of creative nonfiction, poetry and shitcore scribblings under the title of ANARCHOPORN.

Their second book - Good Times In Dystopia - explores the link between mental health and environmental collapse whilst following the adventures of a band of chaos punks will be out in 2019 from Zero Books.

They’d love to hear from you.

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