Darius Nikbin

Darius Nikbin

Darius Nikbin grew up in the UK and has lived in London for most his life. His primary field of interest is in the physical sciences and Nikbin holds a Masters degree in Physics. During his degree he studied in Grenoble, France, for an academic year and is fluent in French. He also speaks Persian and a little German.

Much of his research has been carried out outside of the auspices of academia, although he has had many discussions over the years with experts in physics and the social sciences, including those at Imperial College. From working as a science reporter at CERN and the Institute of Physics Publishing, Nikbin has a broad knowledge of the latest developments in science and technology.

Nikbin's interest in computers stems from his early experience growing up with an Apple Macintosh in the family home. Discussions with his grandfather inspired his continued interest in the scientific and philosophical implications of the latest developments in AI, smart-tech and machine intelligence.

The Universal Subject of Our Time is Nikbin's first book.

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