Christine Louis-Dit-Sully

Christine Louis-Dit-Sully

Christine grew up in the infamous ‘banlieue’ 93 in France but she has since lived also in the UK, USA and Germany. She has worked for nearly 20 years in academic biological research (genetics, cell signalling and immunology) in renowned universities and institutes such as the University of Oxford (UK), the University of Cambridge (UK, where she obtained her PhD), the Sanford-Burnham for Medical Research Institute (US), the Scripps Research Institute (US), the Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics in Freiburg (Germany) and the University of Freiburg (Germany).

She has decided to leave laboratory bench work behind and widen her field of research to include the fields of humanities and politics. She is currently researching for a second PhD. Her current research is focussed on the issues of race, identity, social justice and the demand for ‘safe space’ in US and UK universities.

Since leaving her laboratory bench career, she has undertaken research, talk and wrote on the issue of race. She have had the honour of being invited twice to the Battle of Ideas festival, organised by the Academy of Ideas, in London. She has also published articles on Spiked online magazine, Culture On The Offensive (COTO) website and Conatus News magazine.

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