Brian Francis Culkin

Brian Francis Culkin

Brian Francis Culkin is a writer, cultural theorist, playwright and film director.

Prior to being fully committed to developing his his craft as a writer, filmmaker, and artist - Brian graduated from Skidmore College where he was a standout student-athlete. After breaking every scoring record in the school's history, with nearly 1800 points and national accolades, he played professional basketball in Europe for a year after graduation.

In terms of writing, he has written extensively about topics ranging from contemporary urban gentrification to the history of boxing; the Presidency of Donald Trump to an analysis of 21st century global capitalism; heroin addiction in modern American society to the cultural development of Boston, Massachusetts; the ideology of neoliberal globalization to Amazonian plant medicine; contemporary cinema to human sexuality.

His books include The Meaning of Trump, Postscript on Boxing, There is No Such Thing as Boston, Conversations on Gentrification, On Heroin, Spontaneous Reflections, Hypermodernity and the End of the World, The Ayahuasca Dialogues, The Brian Francis Culkin Reader, Bread (a Play), Fragments of Boston, The Phone Thief, Boxing and Cinema, Rene Girard and COVID-19,

​He has written and directed three films, including the feature length documentary The Mission, the documentary short Voices, and the short film, Now, Passage.

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