Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis is a freelance journalist, academic, and author, and a leading expert in the African Great Lakes Region, especially Rwanda.

His previous book, "Silent Accomplice: The role of France in the Rwandan genocide' was praised as a 'damning new book' by the New York Review of Books, and was The Independents 'Book of the Day,' besides garnering praise from other media for its exploration of the support of the French government of Francois Mitterrand for the genocidal government in Rwanda before, during and after 1994.

Besides holding a ph.d from the University of Cambridge in Political Science, he is a qualified (NCTJ) journalist, with work featured in a wide range of media, including The Times, The Guardian, USA Today,, CS Monitor,, The New Times, ABC-CLIO, The New Jurist, Institute for Public Policy Research and Rwandan, Ugandan and South African radio and television. Wallis is a frequent contributor/expert analyst on Great Lakes issues with Al Jazeera and the BBC (World Service, BBC Africa and BBC World), and has provided comment for Sky, France 24 and the global African station Arise TV.

Wallis was lead researcher for the award-winning 2009 U.S. film 'Earth made of Glass', project initiator/lead researcher for the 2014 Al Jazeera film 'Justice Seekers', and researcher on the 2017 National Geographic/Tigress mini-series about the life and death of Dian Fossey, 'Secrets in the Mist'.

In April 2007, he gave the opening keynote address at the launch of the Rwandan Centre for Strategic Studies and Africa Centre for Strategic Studies event in Kigali. He provided expert testimony before the Mucyo Commission in 2008 investigating the role of France during the genocide and gave the keynote address at the conference to mark the 15th anniversary of the genocide in Berlin in April 2009. In 2014 he was a panel speaker at the International Parliamentary forum held in Kigali to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1994 genocide, speaking on the success and failures of the ICTR in bringing justice.

His current book 'Stepp’d in Blood: Akazu and the architects of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi' is the result of seven years of detailed investigative research, uncovering the lives and motivations of the leading perpetrators of the 1994 horror.

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