Teresa O'Driscoll

Teresa O'Driscoll

Teresa O’Driscoll was born in Cardiff, capital of Wales to a Scottish mother, and a Welsh father with Irish roots. She feels that this all-round Celtic heritage both enlivens her work and adds its own mystical touch. She began penning her first novel aged seven, but a few chapters in she realized that she needed to live more to write more.

She has a management and training background in the Civil Service, where personal development played an integral role. When the time was right she took a career-break to focus on writing. She never looked back!

She took the opportunity to broaden her horizons with travel. She became a Graecophile – which had a beneficial effect on her life and her writing. 9 Days to Heaven – written in Athens - is the first book she has had published. A passionate Christian, it is the distillation of 30 years of personal and spiritual growth. She hopes it will continue to be a lifeline for those in despair, as well as a tool for deepening spirituality, or even for finding God.

After splitting her time between Greece and the UK she now spends most of her time back in her native Wales – though she still visits Greece as often as she can. After spending time in a beautiful Welsh valley she is now set to move back to the capital. For more information see: http://www.teresaodriscoll.co.uk

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