Guy J. Jackson

Guy J. Jackson

Currently living in Los Angeles, Guy J. Jackson is a writer, performer and moviemaker.

Guy's short stories have appeared in the many literary publications including The Newer York, Story Shack, Hanson’s, Cascade Reader, The Throwback (a story which won a ‘best of’ issue prize), Confrontation, Binnacle, The Fix, Nerve Cowboy, Pacific Review, Thorny Locust, The Helix, Art Times, The Delinquent, online at Wood Coin, Stanley The Whale, Platforms Magazine and, and on the compilation album Volume One.

His poems and short stories have also been published in the Lazy Gramophone collections The Book of Apertures, Under the Influence, Surroundings, Make Love To Me, Guilt, Past Present Future, and Time.

His first horror screenplay was optioned by Sean S. Cunningham and his company, Crystal Lake Entertainment.

In Los Angeles Guy performed his one-man, all-original, not-for-kids storytelling show Tintar Isle at both The Complex and The Whitefire Theatre, and his storytelling show In The Ages Of The Earth enjoyed a successful four-month run at Working Stage Theatre.

Jville, a weekly radio show hosted by Guy and featuring spoken word and music, airs on KPOV 88.9 FM.

Jacksonville, a half-hour radio show of stories and idle chatter, ran for two series on London’s Resonance Radio. And, along with the UK’s only poet/magician, Nathan Penlington, he co-hosted Parlour Games, an hour-long radio show featuring spoken word, magic tricks, and fake séances, again for two series on Resonance Radio.

His storytelling tracks The Man Who Was Kind of an Ark and Thousands Of Love Letters were featured on The Colin Murray Show and Scroobius Pip's Spoken Word Surgery on BBC Radio One.

Guy performed (separately) my three all-original, one-man, storytelling shows Tintar Isle, In The Ages of the Earth, and The Drunken Nurses at The Cascade Theatrical Company’s Greenwood Playhouse, in Bend, Oregon. Tintar Isle, the only one to receive a review, was called ’captivating’, ’enchanting’, ’riveting’, ’mesmerizing’, and ’incomparable in its originality‘.

Two of his children’s plays have been published: Hello & Goodbye Hansel & Gretel, from Playscripts, Inc., and Rumpelstiltskin Revisited, from Pioneer Drama Service.

My Surprise Cousin Catherine (one of the 200+ short and feature-length movies posted at was requested into competition for The South By Southwest Film Festival.

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