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When is my publicist assigned?

Your publicist is assigned once your copyedit is completed.

How can I see who my publicist is?

To see your publicist:

  • Visit your book’s page.
  • Click on Publishing Team.
  • Scroll down until you see your publicist.
  • Any issues, contact the Author Forum.

When does my publicist get involved?

Your publicist performs an initial six hours PR on your book at launch (we do this for all books).

Your publicist performs additional PR for every five hundred copies your book sells.

You have the opportunity to work with your publicist for up to 60 hours if you take out an Extra Publicity Package (which includes a range of other benefits).

How much contact will I have with my publicist?

Every book we publish receives our Standard marketing campaign, which involves your publicist working six hours PR on your book.

You won’t be in direct contact with your publicist for this (though there is a lot you can do to support their work via your book’s Marketing page).

If you take out an Extra Publicity package you will enjoy a one-to-one relationship with your publicist via email/video call and many additional hours to work with them.

I have a query about my marketing – what should I do?

Please direct any queries to the most relevant section of the Marketing & Publicity forum.

What will my publicist do?

Your publicist will cast an eye over your cover, and check its suitability for the market.

They will create and deliver a promotional strategy for your book and add their plan to the Promotional Plan box a few months before your book is out.

Your publicist will base their approach on:

  • Your book.
  • Your Reader Reports.
  • Your Profile.
  • Any additional information you’ve added to your Book Details and Marketing pages.

They will send out a targeted mailout, which is likely to be a mixture of pitches for reviews, articles, and interviews (print, online, radio, podcasts etc.). We do not blanket email contacts, as this is seen as spam, and your publicist will tailor their email to the contact.

Your publicist will also include your book on relevant JHP social media, and create memes where appropriate.

Your publicist then handles the responses, and the office supplies review copies (electronic PDF or hard-copy format) as requested.

This initial approach is recorded in Marketing Activities on your Marketing page as Email/Press Release Arranged and your publicist will update our Contacts Database as they go along.

How can I help my publicist?

  • Let them know about all the marketing you intend to do by making a note in Promotional Plan on your Marketing page.
  • Let them know about if you have any ideas or specific areas of PR that you would like them to concentrate on by making a note in the Promotional Plans box on the Marketing page.
  • Do you have media contacts, influencers or someone who can make a HUGE difference to your book? Tell your publicist about them. Make sure you mention them in Promotional Plan.
  • Upload articles ideas, pre-written blogs, social media memes, a page of thought-provoking book quotes or any other supporting marketing materials.
    • Add them to your book’s Marketing page.
    • Visit your Marketing page.
    • Scroll down to Publicity.
    • Under Articles click "+ upload an article".

  • Add confirmed publicity you do to the Marketing Activities on your Marketing page. Keeping an accurate record gives our Sales Reps more leverage to sell your book and your publicist more scope promote your work.
  • There is loads of work you can do by yourself, including setting up events and book signings (which we highly recommend you do!) Build on your publicist's work by working hard yourself and being your own publicist.

The more information you share, the more effective your publicist can be.

The aim is to get half a dozen or so activities "completed" in the first round, whether that consists of one or two published articles, print reviews, blog coverage – whatever the mix.

Though articles and interviews have long lead times, often months, and printed reviews can take months/years from the time of submitting the review copy, particularly in academic areas. So "completed" might take a lot longer than you will see in initial results.

The initial campaign is not, in itself, likely to generate substantial sales. A proper campaign takes months. The purpose is more to get an indication of travel, of directions to follow.

Extra Services

If you have paid for an Extra Service, the work will be in greater depth, and for more hours. Longer periods of publicity are often more effective. The more time the publicist can spend on the book, the easier it becomes to see what is working and what is not.

The Three Month Review

Your Publicist and the Managing Director will review progress after the first clear three months, writing a brief report in Promotional Plan. You will be notified about this.

Please feel free to add any comments yourself, prior to this.

Additional Publicity for every 500 copies sold

Each time your book sells 500 copies, your publicist will put in more work, which could either be more selective, based on the initial feedback, focusing on more labour-intensive activities like events or interviews, or more extensive, widening the list of contacts approached.

The work may not be done in the month of the notification – it is dependent on the individual workload of the publicist, but should happen within a couple of months. Any issues or queries should be raised on the Admin Forum.

The publicists we work with most regularly are Gavin Davies, Doug Lain, Sarah-Beth Watkins and Trevor Greenfield.

Publicist Endorsements

It’s been a wonderful experience working with John Hunt Publishing. Their team members have helped us whenever we had a query about the publishing process, questions about negotiating art rights, and all the other aspects of publishing a book that were new to us. They’ve worked with suppliers in the UK and US and different industry catalogs to ensure our book has excellent placement. And they connected us to G L Davies, an amazing publicist who landed me an incredible number of bookings with wonderful radio and podcast hosts, including on the nationally-syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. In fact, you can listen to my interview with Coast to Coast on Monday morning (September 7th) at 3:00 AM Eastern time / 12:00 AM Pacific time in the U.S. It has been an amazing experience for me working with such a supportive publisher as John Hunt Publishing. Alfonso Colasuonno, The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn

I am very impressed with the PR and Marketing offered by John Hunt Publishing. I've been working closely with the publicist in the run up to the release of my book, Dying to be Free, and have been inspired and delighted by the opportunities she has offered which have enabled me to forge successful relationships with mainstream journalists. Now on the brink of the book's publication, I'm looking forward to seeing several interviews, extracts and articles appearing in a variety of national newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites over the next few weeks and months. She helped me target the most relevant audiences, so I'm hugely hopeful that the subject matter a sensitive topic that has affected me personally will reach significant numbers of people who might very possibly be interested in reading my book. I highly recommend John Hunt Publishing to any writers, largely because of the excellent PR and Marketing services they offer. It is one thing to write a book, but if no one know's about it it won't sell. I'm confident and happy that my book is being given the best possible start regarding marketing and for that I'm very grateful. Hannah Robinson, Dying to be Free

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for all the help you've given Hospital High with marketing. You've been responsive and proactive (which was good, because I was two weeks into a new job at publication date) and have very much helped. You've been great at following up my contacts as well as researching your own...and mine is quite a specialist market. Mimi Thebo, Hospital High

It’s been fantastic working with Tracy, she's incredibly supportive and knows how to exert her opinion and expertise when it matters. Crucially, she also listens and has a two-way dialogue to get results. I feel very lucky to have her on board. Nigel Jay Cooper, Beat the Rain and The Pursuit of Ordinary