Promotional Plan

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Your publicist will enter briefly what they plan to do with your book, referring back to your Marketing Plan. Please add any comments here if you would like them to focus on any particular aspect of marketing. Let them know if you do not want them to contact shops or radio stations on your behalf for signing sessions/interviews.

Every time the book sells 500 copies the Publicist will add more comments here.

Refer to the Activities section for the detail of what work has been done.

This page acts as a history for the Marketing and PR work that is done on your book, and gives you instant access as to whether work has been done and generally what the work involved.

Your comments to the publicist will not be viewed automatically, only when work on the title is due in those incremental 500+ sales. Do not use this space for activities that you are planning. Instead, please enter those activities yourself. Information on how to do this is in Chapter 11 Marketing Activities – How they work. Any queries that you have for the publicist should be raised on the Author HELP forum under Marketing and Publicity. However, if the answer can be found in the Author Guide, you will be directed there, so do check the Author Guide first before raising on the forum. For any general discussions, that authors wish to discuss with other authors, try the closed author facebook pages – links can be found inChapter 15 Social Media – Facebook