500+ Marketing

Every 500 sales, we assign extra marketing time to your book.

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Each time your book sells 500 copies, your publicist will put in a short burst of top-up milestone promotion, which could either be more selective, based on the initial feedback, focusing on more labour-intensive activities like events or interviews, intense social media promotion, or more extensive, like widening the list of contacts approached.

You will receive an email notification when this happens. If you do, make sure you have updated us with all your marketing work in your Marketing Activities such as any articles and interview talking points to assist your publicist.

As numerous titles pass the 500+ Milestone every month, your publicist will prioritize the order in which milestones are completed first by the following criteria:

  1. The time it has taken to pass the 500+ Milestone (momentum)
  2. The overall quantity of sales
  3. The author's continued efforts and recent marketing activities.

We do not award extra PR time for price drop/discounted deal (Bookbub, for instance) sales, and bulk buys from the author will have discretionary time allocated.

The work will be done within 4 to 8 weeks of the notification – it is dependent on the individual workload of the publicist but should happen within a couple of months.

Any issues or queries should be raised on the BACKLIST 500+ PR Forum.

The publicists we work with most regularly are Gavin Davies, Doug Lain, Tasha Becket and Trevor Greenfield.