Uploading Your Manuscript

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Uploading Your Manuscript

Your Manuscript is polished, formatted, and stylistically consistent. It’s time to upload it and begin the editing process.

You will need:

  • your Word Document
  • any images that will need to be in your manuscript, as separate files

Help! I am not ready to upload my manuscript and it is the Expected Date already!

If your MS is not ready, please update the target date (this section will appear red if the target date has passed).

I am ready. I have all the files. What do I do now?

  • Visit your Production page.
  • Go to the Workflow section. Click on the arrows to the right of Manuscript Upload and Approval to open this section.
  • Click + upload a file, add a description, choose a Type and select Manuscript using the drop-down to distinguish your manuscript from any picture files or cover ideas.
  • Click Choose file and select the file from your hard drive.
  • Click upload file.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Click Approve to notify the editor.
  • Whenever you upload something to the database – if you can then see it there on the page, it has worked. If you cannot see it, it has not been loaded.

This is your last chance to check that you have formatted and prepared your manuscript correctly Not doing so now, may result in delays later in the Production Process.

Now you’re all set, click on Approve/Confirm – the Editorial Coordinator will be notified and the Production process begins.

Help! I Approved the stage but now I have spotted some things I would like to change

You have one more chance to change the manuscript, when you check the copyedited manuscript.